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Singapore Honeymoon Packages

Singapore-Bintan Honeymoon Package

JY302 Rs. 53,300

Singapore Honeymoon Package

JY301 Rs. 49,300


Singapore, a country renowned for its beauty, spic and span persona, and bustling energy is an endearing temptation for a honeymoon couple.  The country, comprising 63 islands, is lush and green, offering immense visual contentment.  When you take the Singapore Honeymoon Tour Package, you would be goaded to visit its famed Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, with thick rainforests and hundreds of parks in this ‘garden city’ enthralling your nerves, when you can take your eyes off from each other!

Tourist Attractions

The activities are diverse in magnitude as there is Sentosa, which is famous for its entertainment resorts and a rare underwater sea garden, while the honeymooners acquaint and discover each other in such a charming surrounding on their Singapore Honeymoon Trip Package.  A trip to Mt Faber reveals spectacular views of this island nation but if you want expansive outdoor activities, there’s swimming, water skiing, kayaking, skateboarding, rock-climbing, go karting and sailing.

Travel Tips

The National Orchid garden, enclosed in the exotic Botanic Garden, is beautiful. If you wish, you can go on a night safari, bringing you close to the unique animals in safety, when you can spot a leopard, some deer, and if luck engulfs you, then perhaps the rare Malayan tiger!  There is a downpour of festivals in Singapore, and you may well find yourself caught up in some joyous or quirky celebrations during your Singapore Holiday Package.


Of course, the stylishly elegant shopping malls on Orchard Road will entice you and perhaps make a hole in your pockets, but worth every penny! Little India and Chinatown have excellent bargains, as well as Clark Quay, which is also a great place for revelling.  There are plenty of boutiques and garden spas along the city which will help to rejuvenate you and release the tiredness of shopping and travel.


A melting pot of various cultures with ethnic pockets of the Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil people, Singapore offers interesting cuisine at par with international standards, with mouth-watering delicacies, including genuine North and South Indian food, to a meal being served on a banana leaf! Various bars, casinos, pubs and restaurants enable you to relax in exclusive privacy with some of them having melodious live music every day to ignite that glorious emotion!

If at all you want to escape from the above and just spend time together, a toast or two may be raised while spending the whole night dancing along the waterside or in the city, only to capture that sparkling look in each other’s eyes! Perhaps, on your return, you would bring plenty of memorable moments that endorse the beginning of a beautiful and splendid journey, to be spent together, forever! Cheers to Singapore and the Singapore Tour Package!