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MM2H Visa


Successful applicants will receive a ten year visa which allows them multiple entry and exit over there. The issuance of the visa is based on the validity of your passport and it would be imperative for the applicant to check the expiry date of the visa when you receive it as it may not equated   with the validity date of your passport.  In most cases the visa will expire some time before the expiration of your passport hence you are required to obtain a new passport and get the visa extended before the expiry date of the visa mentioned or chopped in your previous passport. Failure to meet this requirement could lead you to pay a penalty as the immigration department will consider this as an illegal entry into the country. The government has advised that this visa does not lead to Permanent Residency (PR), as obtaining PR in Malaysia is a difficult and lengthy process. Approval for PR can only be done after getting the MM2H visa and may usually be obtained within one month.

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