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In case you want to take your domestic pet along with you, kindly check the Veterinary Import Regulation to confirm how you’re pet can be brought into Malaysia

It is always safer to acquire a full-time helper through agencies, unless you personally know and trust a resident who has highly recommended a particular person. The agency will also be able to arrange the appropriate visas and paperwork for foreign maids. As there are very few Malaysian women who work as maids, you are likely to employ an Indonesian or Filipina maid. The agencies will help you find "the right one" for a fee.

This is just an outline of a list which could orient you towards Malaysian culture, facilities and people, to put you on that comfort level and enable you to arrive at a positive decision for migration. Certainly anyone planning to apply under this programme would be well advised to visit and discover for themselves the various attractions and cities the country has to offer. Initially reading about them through websights and getting further insight through a travel agent would be highly beneficial and depending on your choice, a separate synopsis could be handed over to you!