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Watching the latest releases at the modern movie theatres. Most foreign newspapers and magazines can be found here and high speed internet connections are being rolled out around the country. There are plenty of local festivals to watch and a number of theatre groups have been set up. The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestrabased in Kuala Lumpur, is made up of international players and performs regularly. International artists from singers to dancers and even theatre groups visit quite regularly. If you prefer staying at home then satellite TV offers many channels of international entertainment.
1) The country offers good telecommunications both internally and internationally. Making international calls is very easy, and there is a good selection of mobile phone providers and high speed internet connections are available in most large cities and are being spread out around the country.
2) The crime rate in Malaysia is generally lower and health services are efficient and superb medical facilities are available in all the major cities with well equipped hospitals and clinics operated by highly qualified staff. Medical costs are much lower than most other countries. Before arriving in Malaysia as an independent expatriate or posted by your employer, you need to consider how to protect your family finances in the case of sickness and accident – or even how your family will be protected financially in the event of a death. Malaysia offers the right insurance to provide you with the level of financial protection you need. This falls into three main areas: international private medical insurance to give you and your family fast access to medical treatment, income protection to replace your salary if you are unable to work due to long term illness or accident and life insurance to protect your family’s finances if you’re no longer there to provide for them. For expats moving to Malaysia on the Malaysia my Second Home (MM2H), long term visa programme, international private medical insurance is a compulsory requirement of obtaining a visa.
3) Malaysia offers an excellent blend of Asian cultures but for those who wish to discover the rest of Asia, there are direct non-stop flights to every capital city in Asia.It is an easy and relatively short flight to many neighbouring countries and both Singapore and Thailand can be reached by road,provided you have the visa. Although the distances to Europe, New Zealand and Australia are quite long, there are non- stop flights to most major cities. You can also reach the west and east coast of The United States of America on direct flights.
4) For those applicants with children, Malaysia offers quality education facilities. There are some excellent international schools as well as private colleges and universities which already attract many foreigners. If possible, time your move to fit in with school term dates and important exam years, to help your child integrate quickly and comfortably into his new school environment and syllabus.  Ask for a tour of the school before the term starts, and it would be preferred and apt for your child, if you arrive during the holidays.
5) We are confident that the same reasons and choices which encourage people to come and live here will also persuade their friends and relatives to   join them or to visit them. For those who want to purchase a property it is possible to obtain a loan locally. If you only plan to spend a part of the year here, then some companies can arrange short term rentals while you are away and take care of your home.