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Kerala Honeymoon Package

‘God’s own country’, called Kerala, with the Arabian Sea on its west and land-locked on the other sides,is bordered by the Western Ghats in the east. Containing thick forests of coconut trees, watered liberally by several rivers, with numerous estuaries, lakes and canals forming its Backwaters, dotted with quaint houseboats,it is idyllic for honeymooners.  So take that bliss in nature’s lap on the Kerala Honeymoon Package!

The couples get an opportunity to quest their desires amidst rivers aplenty, surrounded by rugged mountains and cliffs and blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and several beaches, Kovalam being the most sought out, for a blooming romance! Kerala offers a unique opportunity to the honeymooners to experience breathtakingly beautiful Backwaters which consist of a complex network  of brackish lagoons, shimmering lakes and canals.  The most predominant way to experience the  Backwaters is through  houseboats, also known as Kettuvalloms, as the coupe cruise in the arms of tranquility and solitude .  These rivers, beaches, lakes, hill stations and quaint houseboats sailing in the Backwaters, dotted with gently waving palm trees, have made Kerala, a topmost tourist destination in the world.  Adding to its many natural charms which include innumerable waterfalls and picnic spots, are the therapeutic spas, yoga and the ayurvedic treatment it offers! 

Tourist Attractions:

The nature loving couples will adore the Kerala Honeymoon Package,  as they trek through heavily forested hills and valleys, or head to hill resorts which lend a panoramic view of the expansive countryside.  Popular destinations are Nelliyampathy where one can view the spectacular cloud-draped Nelliyampat mountain peak, Munnar, which is known for its natural beauty, Rajamala, another scenic hill resort , Vellerimala with lush greenery, mesmerising brooks and waterfalls, considered an ideal spot for picnickers and trekkers, and, Pullumedu in Idduki,  which may be  reached by  sailing through a river.

The couples on this escapade will find several splendid beaches, hugging the coastline scattered all over Kerala, though the most famous is the Kovalam beach.  A stay in a houseboat is a favoured experience, as they sail in the placid backwaters through lush paddy fields and palm-tree lined coasts, being blessed by nature, thereby bringing a gleam to the eyes!  Alongside are Kerala’s variety of seafood and the popular toddy, as well as its spas.  Rich in flora and fauna, the state has countless  species of plants, medicinal plants, birds and animals, some of  which  are found only in this state.  There are several wildlife sanctuaries, including the famous Idukki, Periyar and Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuaries as well as the Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary and Parimbukkalam Tiger Reserve, to serve the adventurous appetite!

Tthe most important  historical museums in the state, especially  a Tea Museum in Munnar, a Numismatics Museum, a Maritime Museum, an Archaelogical Museum, a Teak Museum, an Indo-Portugese Museum and its Art galleries, should not be missed!  Several churches and temples abound here, including the revered spot of Sabarimala, besides some cave temples and many ancient temples,are symbolic of Kerala’s diversity.


The honeymooners would be surprised to come across a variety of souvenir items that reflect the culture, history, art and socio-religious aspects of Kerala.  There are articles available in a large range of attractive and unique handmade items,  handicraft products made from coconut shells, wood, clay and cane, mural paintings and handlooms like the Kasavu saree,a saree or sari with golden brocade.  Gifts and momentos like the Uruli (wok), Para (brass miniature of a traditional measuring vessel), Kettuvallom (rice barge), Aranmula Kannadi (metal mirror), Nettipattam (caparison for elephants) and Nettor Petti (traditional jewellery box), may be purchased from the  Culture Shoppe, the official agency to promote Kerala Souvenirs for the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala. Convinced to make that dent in your pockets on the Kerala Honeymoon Package!


The couple may satisfy their culinary buds with a wide spread of non-vegetarian dishes, heavily spiced, and the vegetarian repertoire, mildly spiced, feeling easier on the non-native tongue, hence a strange, melodious sensation in the stomach!  Some popular  sumptuous Kerala vegetarian dishes are Sadhya, Ada Pradhaman, Avial,Erissary, whereas the non-vegetarian chicken curry, chicken thoran, dry prawns with cabbage, egg koottu, fish mappas, appam and chicken are considered delicious unanimously!  Rice and curry are always in demand, and dishes such as Payasam, pulisherry, puttukadala, puttupayar pappadam, puzhukku, rasam and sambar are the typical authentic food fare! Besides food being available to cater to authentic Indian and International tastes, a lyrical fusion!


Prone to heavy monsoons, Kerala has a wet tropical equatorial climate, with plenty of rainfall due to both the south-west and north-east monsoons,though eastern Kerala witnesses a drier clime, having varying temperatures. The couples might get addicted to this state as it is one of the must-visit sight-seeing places in the world.  Indian classical dance forms such as Kathakali and Mohiniattam found their roots in this land and equally enticing is the display of the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu, the historic boat race where the boatmen sing  a chorus of  eternal bonding between Krishna, the King,and Sudama, his impoverished companion, leaving the honeymooners to explore a  gamut of sensitive emotions!

The Kerala Honeymoon Package will ensnare the couples with Kerala’s charms, encouraging them  for a repeat visit!