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Jammu Kashmir Honeymoon Package

Jammu and Kashmir is a stunningly beautiful state with plains and foothills in Jammu and lush high-altitude valleys and meadows in Kashmir irresistible with its lakes and chinars! Welcome aboard the Jammu and Kashmir Honeymoon Package!

Jammu is the winter capital of the State, and mostly a pit stop for tourists en route to Vaishno Devi, Patni Top and Srinagar. The newlyweds could take a halt here and start their sight-seeing with a visit to the Raghunath Temple, a large complex which has a rich collection of ancient manuscripts. Other important temples are Ranbireshwar, Peer Khoh and Panjbakhtar.  The Amar Mahal Palace is a fine castle-like building, overlooking the Tawi River and part of the palace is a Museum with royal memorabilia, Pahari paintings and works of some famous artists like M F Hussain, Ram Kumar and J Swaminathan. The Mubarak Mandi Palace in the old bazaar is now a decrepit complex, but worth a look from the outside!  A fort-cum-temple, Bahu Fort, is perhaps the oldest edifice and hosts the temple of Bawey Wali Mata. The   Akhnoor Fort stands on a riverside cliff and the excavations within have yielded remains from the time of the Indus Valley Civilisation.  Riasi, another town close to Jammu, has the Bhimgarh Fort and a hill top temple of Mahakali!

It would be wonderful if the honeymooners undertook a journey to the holy cave of Mata Vaishno Devi,  located in the folds of three mountains called Trikuta Hills,  which attracts devotees from all over India and abroad, as the belief in the Goddess ascertains that She fulfills all the longings of human life……dharma, artha, kama and moksha. The uphill footpath is well paved and winds through hills of great natural beauty, which may be covered on a horseback, `kandis’ or a trek!The path goes through a narrow cave and at the end of the cave or corridor is the raised marble platform on which the Goddess reveals herself in a natural rock formation. There are no statues, pictures or idols inside!

After a hectic trip from Vaishno Devi, it would be advisable to take a short break at Patni Top en route to Srinagar.Situated on top of a hill; this hill station offers an excellent vantage point to enjoy the superb vistas of the Chenab Gorge and the beauty of its pine trees. The Skating Garden, Chinar Garden and Picnic Spot complete with swings and slides to woo the honeymooners,  are worth a visit, but the couples may also spend some time on their own with a book and sandwich, to hear the wind sighing through the trees and then returning back to their romantic enigma! Idyllic to spend a day or two here in an absolutely tranquil environment on the Jammu and Kashmir Honeymoon Package!

Finally arrive at Srinagar, the Eternal Haven for Lovers that provides the most iconic image for a holiday in the hills with houseboats on the Dal Lake, flowers in Mughal Gardens, the autumnal red glow of the chinar trees and the grassy or snowy slopes in the nearby meadows. Exploring the town the honeymooners would meet a fascinating world of labyrinthine alleys and waterways, exquisite wooden architecture and pure, clean air! Known as the summer capital of the State, the Valley brims with faith, history and natural beauty.

The most famous and romantic attractions of this place is the Dal Lake , as going on a shikara ride in its sprawling waters and staying in a houseboat for a day or two would definitely mesmerize the newly weds!  These houseboats are a unique experience which is like living in a township floating on spiraling waters, each residence with names like Pleasure Palace, Miss America, Honolulu, New Soul Kiss…………as the couples discover each other in the lap of swirling waters and exhilarating mountains. The houseboats remain stationary while life on the lake, shikaras, hawker’s et al……moves on!

The honeymooners can visit the Shalimar Gardens,whence at the summit  of this four-terraced grassland stands the fabulous baradari, a summer house ringed with pillars of black marble remaining the high point of an `abode of love’. The gardens ring with the cascades and watercourses of their heyday when the Mughal Emperor and his Empress planted the first of the stately chairs that shade this idyll.  At Nishat Bagh, the secluded dignity of this area gives way to lightness with a splendid view of the Lake and the mountains beyond. The Chashma Shahi Gardens are tucked in the fold of a hill high above the lake; the quiet gardens are watered by the eponymous spring and command a grand panorama of the Dal and the surrounding vale, set in their mountain amphitheatre. The following sight-seeing places may be accommodated as they are considered enticing in solitude for the newly weds! The Harwan Gardens are another site holding the ruins of the Buddhist Harwan Vihara. The Pari Mahal is an extensive garden which was intended as a retreat for Sufi scholars. The Shankaracharya Hill or Takht-i-Suleiman is an essential destination which rises directly from the Boulevard on the southern lakeshore. At its pinnacle, a few feet above the Lake, is the Shankaracharya temple associated with Adi Shankaracharya. Some distance away, the hill of Hari Parbat is surrounded by almond orchards and the area is the focus of many sacred shines.

The other major monuments of Srinagar are a short and walkable circuit. A good place to start is the Shrine of Dastgir Sahi, wherein the interior ornamentation of painted and carved wood in the mosque is remarkable, after which the couples may visit the Rozabal Shrine which has acquired an unwarranted reputation as the tomb of Jesus.  Next, enjoy the deodar columns of Srinagar’s central mosque, the Jama Masjid. The Pathar Masjid is an impressive building of limestone, with a pleasing garden. A dazzling white structure on the far bank of the Dal, the Hazratbal Mosque is a famous shrine because it houses a relic that is believed to be Prophet Mohammed’s hair. Abundant blessings for the couples who tied the knot and embarked on this Jammu and Kashmir Honeymoon Package!

Often treated as a day trip away from Srinagar, Gulmarg or `meadow of flowers’ , a huge meadow ringed by fir trees and snowy peaks, wide open spaces, mountain-fresh air nature walks, birdwatching, skiing on winter, pony rides, rides on the gondola cable car…….the meadow’s cup-like shape means that from any one point the visitors can see the rest of the expanse with its softly undulating slopes.  The gentle slopes are perfect for skiers, and the Gondola Cable Car makes this place the highest lift-accessible ski terrain in the world, and is like a big magnet for skiers and non-skiiers because of the great views. There is an added advantage of a Golf Course here which is supposed to be the highest in the world. The area’s highest peak, the Apharwat,  is popular for a trek and high up in the massif lies a mountain lake called Alpathar, half frozen even in summer. Places of worship include the Maharani Temple and St. Mary’s Church!

Pahalgam is an area of thick and green woodlands of breathtaking charm and there are many walks and hikes to lakes and meadows, scattered in the hills for the honeymooners to swoon  and  the most famous of these walks is to a large meadow called Baisaran, surrounded by magnificent pine trees and affording some great views. A popular place for a picnic is Hajan, also a hunted  location for film shoots.The Shaivite Mamleshwar Temple is another historical shrine and if possible, the newly weds could also visit the ruins of the  Martand Sun Temple, an interesting archaeological site.


Historically, Kashmir became known worldwide when Cashmere wool was exported to other regions and nations. The artisans are well adept at knitting and making Pashmina shawls, a skill that was introduced by a sufi saint from Persia through the silk trade route.  Rugs, silk carpets, kurtas, pottery and saffron too, is grown in Kashmir and exports are encouraged.  Products such as   fruits, vegetables as organic foods, handicrafts in papier mache and oak wood, silver work, woollen, silk and cotton `firans’, wood used to make high-quality cricket bats, popularly known as Kashmir Willow, woven silk fabric,  bed and table linen in Kashmiri embroidery,  are bought generously  and originate a handsome amount of revenue for the state. The wedded couple should not miss this opportunity to do some novice splurging!


There are a number of restaurants and cafes in Srinagar and most of the good ones are located in Lal Chowk or on Boulevard  Road, along the banks of the Dal Lake  serving Kashmiri, Indian, Mughlai and 'Indianized' Chinese dishes, along with the famous, popular and unique `kahva’ or kashmiri chai. Some pure vegetarian restaurants are also located along the Boulevard Road, amongst which the ‘Krishna Dhaba' is the most popular for its Rajma-and-Kheer. Gulmarg and Pahalgam are parallel in being completely equipped to meet the culinary desires!


Since most of the year is quite cold, visitors may take a trip in the summers for mesmerising outdoors. The heavy snow overpowers the winters, sunk in the cold and the majestic frosted mountains, where the couples, besides carrying their personal warmth are advised to carry  thick woollens for places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sonamarg, though light woollens may be carried in the summer months.  In case a visit to Ladakh, also known as "Little Tibet” and another region of the State, is also adjusted in the itinerary, the area is renowned for its remote pristine white snow-clad beauty and Buddhist culture………spelling an extension of a picturesque-perfect honeymoon!

The Jammu and Kashmir Honeymoon Package will definitely bewilder the newly weds about their cheerful escapade, binding an everlasting togetherness, as they return back with those fantabulous memories  of this `Paradise on Earth’ with an appetite that would want them to come back again and again, to rekindle those romantic moments in their life!