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Egypt Holiday Packages

Decode the past of one of the world's most ancient civilization. If you have even a remote interest in history then Egpyt welcomes you to dwell in its pharonic past. Egpyt, the land of pyramids, encompasses more than just pyramids and statues, as grand as they may be. Pyramids, temples, tombs, the Nile valley and the desert make this country a unique place.The river Nile flows from south to north. It enters the country in the south at the border with Sudan where the Nile flows through Lake Nasser the largest artificial lake in the world.

There is also another Egypt worth exploring; its people and their beautiful culture. Explore the alleyways of Cairo with its chaos of noise and smells. Take a break in the tranquility of the Nile and relax in the calm of an oasis.Egypt is also famous for popular modern beach destinations like Sharm El Sheikh which some consider to be among the best diving in the world. Discover the fascinating Egpyt that combines old and new as few places can.