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Colombo Honeymoon Package

With dreams in your eyes and a flight of fantasy, make a dramatic entry on the Colombo Honeymoon Package, heading towards Colombo, which is the largest city and referred to as the commercial capital of Sri Lanka with a mix of numerous ethnic and modern cultures.  The city rests on the Beira Lake, a distinctive landmark of the city and a magnetic attraction, for hosting regattas and theatrical events on its shores! The city is attractive enough for the newlyweds to drive past affluent neighbourhoods and

Get a view of the best amalgamation of Dutch and Sri Lankan architecture, ire, tall skyscrapers, art galleries, parks, flora and fauna!

Tourist Attractions:
Before the skyscrapers were built, the Old Parliament Building stood majestically in the Fort district with the Old Colombo Lighthouse situated close to it, which would surely fantasize the newly weds! Another incredible site is the Independence Hall at the Independence Square in Cinnamon Gardens.  The Jami ul-Alfar Mosque draws huge crowds who seek their blessings from this religious shrine, also used as a landmark by the sailors who are approaching the Port.Visit Galle Face Green Promenade at sundown for a spectacular view which tends to attract children, teenagers, vendors, and families, on weekends and the land is filled with day-trippers, food vendors, and people picnicking.  The National Museum is the oldest and largest museum and   through its collections, exhibitions, research and public programs, fosters an appreciation of Sri Lankan art, traditions and cultural heritage. The National Museum of Natural History is located in the same premises and depicts the natural heritage of Sri Lanka as it displays birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, botanical plants, gems and geological specimens found in the island, among other things of interest.  The Maritime Museum transports visitors and through its exhibits depicts the maritime trade that influenced Sri Lanka and the role played by lighthouses during this era. Items include an antique diving suit, rollers used to stack tea boxes, elephant slings used to load and unload elephants from ships, buoy lamps and lanterns used for lighting ships and lighthouses.  The Gangaramaya Vihara, Colombo’s most famous Buddhist temple, has now become a world renowned center for worship and Buddhist learning.

 The Dehiwela Zoo has a wide collection of fauna from all over the world. The Min Medura or aquarium displaying aquatic life is spectacular along with a reptile house which has a collection of cobras, vipers, and many other snake varieties. There is also a well-stocked aviary and the Butterfly Park and the highlight is the elephant show in the evening. The Kelaniya Temple is a splendid example of Buddhist architecture and art, and also serves decent food and drinks. At the temple entrance one finds the 'Makara Thorana' archway,  a stylized depiction of animals combined into an elaborate pattern, which has the trunk of an elephant, the body of a fish, the feet of a lion, the ears of a hog, the teeth of a monkey and the tail of a swan . The Wolvendaal Church is a living edifice of the Dutch colonial architecture and a monument of the Dutch Christian zeal. Another landmark is St. Paul’s Church Milagiriya, one of the oldest churches in Sri Lanka, first built by the Portuguese and re-built by the British.  Unimaginable visual feast on the Colombo Honeymoon Package!

Shopaholics would be thrilled to visit the Cinnamon Gardens, an exclusive area of the city containing a district of large houses set on shady streets, lined with jacaranda and frangipani, and home to the city’s most exclusive and stylised shops.  There is Roma Four which offers a great selection of clothing for men and women, Beverly Street with a wide assortment of fashionable clothing at reasonable prices, House of Fashions with clothes, accessories, bags, linen, candles, Odel an upmarket department store selling high-quality designer apparels, jewellery, trinkets, deodorants, candles, art decor, linen and tea, Paradise Road selling upscale home furnishings and handicrafts and Colombo Jewellery Stores which has an extensive selection of fine jewellery . Pettah is situated on the outskirts of the Fort area and has small stalls lined up on its concrete pavements, offering clothes, watches, handicrafts, foodstuff including sharbat.  The First Cross Street is famous for a wide range of electronic goods and the Second Cross Street has a vast collection of cellular phones and a fancy article has electronic goods shops.  Further away from Fort, at the end of this Street, is the Sea Street with Sri Lanka’s Gold Market having an arena of precious gems and jewellery shops.

The night life in  Colombo is rather scintillating and at par with other global destinations and possesses  a number of  establishments, that offer tantalising music and drinks, served in the dark hours enhancing a new-found romance in the atmosphere.   The Cricket Club Cafe   is a must for any cricket lover, wherein the walls are covered in autographed memorabilia and photos with sports, usually cricket, being screened on all the TV’s scattered throughout the rooms, serving authentic Aussie cuisine and a wide variety of drinks. The Bar is named after Donald Bradman. The Gallery Cafe has a wonderful ambience in a beautiful building having a large food card containing many international dishes, decadent desserts and extensive cocktails. The Lagoon restaurant focuses primarily on seafood with colorful Sri Lankan flavours and the friendly, professional staffs are able to create an enjoyable dining experience. The Mango Tree, the finest restaurants in the city offers North Indian Cuisine, full of innovative dishes and Chesa Swiss, representing the best of Swiss cuisine, has all the favourites from fresh garden snails to Chateaubriand for two to steak Café de Paris style! The wine list is exclusively Swiss. The Palmyrah Restaurant hosts a spread of excellent Sri Lankan dishes as well as an "international" menu. The Roadhouse Cafe serves mouth-watering Sri Lankan and Western food. Try the mango milkshakes or their speciality coffees, as hot as a flame, or frozen cold inviting warmth. 168 Seafood Palace, just off Galle Road serves authentic Chinese and seafood dishes. The UK Urban Kitchen serves Western, Asian and Middle Eastern fare at relatively reasonable prices, as also specializes in wood-fired pizzas and coffee. Ginza Hohsen is one of the Japanese restaurants having a sushi bar, the tatami rooms and even teppanyaki.  An incredible gastronomic growl on the Colombo Honeymoon Package!

Colombo has a dry winter season and thereby is encompassed by a tropical rainforest climate which is fairly temperate all throughout the year. The monsoon seasons vary from May to August and October to January when it is liable to have a heavy downpour!

The newly weds may return with loads of goodies and fun times to leave an everlasting joyous and memorable impact, on their sojourn towards a new life together, on the Colombo Honeymoon Package!