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Cameroon Holiday Package

Cameroon, officially the Republic of Cameroon is a country in west Central Africa.  It is bordered by Nigeria to the west, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the east, the Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south. Cameroon's coastline lies on the Bight of Bonny, part of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is called "Africa in miniature" for its geological and cultural diversity and the natural features include beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannas and it exhibits all major climates and vegetation of the continent: coast, desert, mountains, rainforest, and savanna. The southern plateau rises northward to the grassy, rugged Adamawa Plateau and  stretches from the western mountain area forming a barrier between the country's north and south Capital—Yaounde. Get on board for that eclectic escapade on the Cameroon Holiday Package!

The landscape is no less dizzying in its diversity and Mount Cameroon is the highest peak in West Africa and attracts plenty of trekking interest.  A still-active volcano, it rises almost straight from the sea in a spectacular manner. The peak can be reached by hikers while the annual Mount Cameroon Race of Hope scales the peak in around 4½ hours.

Further north are the rolling grassfields of the Ring Road area, while the Mandara Mountains are a complete contrast again – dry and rocky, with isolated villages eking out a living.  Fringing all of this are some of Africa’s oldest rainforests, and the excellent Parc National de Waza, with abundant mammal and birdlife, and large herds of elephants gathering at water holes in the dry season.

If all this exhausts you, you can retire to some fine palm-fringed beaches and fantastic seafood, which should help to recharge your batteries.  Throw in a cold beer or two, some lively home-grown makossa music and you would be revelling in your discovery.

It’s easy to see why Kribi is Cameroon’s   most popular beach resort. A weekend getaway for government ministers and expats alike, it can be sleepy during the week, when you have the palm hedged beaches almost to yourself. Check locally before diving in though, as the oceanic waters can have strong currents and rip tides. Risky, but safe if skillfully equipped and alert on this adventure on the Cameroon Holiday Package!

Most of Kribi’s hotels, usually with their own beachfronts, start at the southern end of town, and Chutes de la Lobé is an impressive set of waterfalls that empty into a pool by the sea. Explore the cool green scenery and rolling countryside near Bamenda.

It would be well worth visiting Mount Cameroon, an active volcano in Cameroon near the Gulf of Guinea. Mount Cameroon is also known as Cameroon Mountain or Fako (the name of the higher of its two peaks) or by its native name Mongo ma Ndemi ("Mountain of Greatness"). The Mandara   the Cameroon-Nigeria border, from the Benue River in the south and the Waza National Park is a national park in Far North Region Cameroon  Description: Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/55/WMA_button2b.png/17px-WMA_button2b.pngWikiMiniAtlas as a hunting reserve with a huge area.The park became a National Park and a UNESCO biosphere reserve it is adjacent to the Chingurmi-Duguma sector of the Nigerian Chad Basin National Park.   Waza harbours population of lions, some big cats, elephants and in particular the Kordofan Giraffe and antelopes  Other large ungulates are warthog, roan, red-fronted gazelle, and korrigum.   There are species of birds in the park and those that may be sighted are Marbled Duck, Ferruginous Duck, Greater Spotted Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Nubian Bustard, Quail-plover, Arabian Bustard and Ostrich.


Traditional arts and crafts are practiced throughout the country for commercial, decorative, and religious purposes. Woodcarvings and sculptures are especially common. The high-quality clay of the western highlands is suitable for pottery and ceramics. Other crafts include basket weaving, beadworking, brass and bronze working, calabash carving and painting, embroidery, and leather working. Traditional housing styles make use of locally available materials and vary from temporary wood-and-leaf shelters of nomadic Mbororo to the rectangular mud-and-thatch homes of southern peoples. Dwellings made from materials such as cement and tin are increasingly common. So you could find a lot of wood carvings and sculpture, masks, souvenirs, stone and wood curios, ceramics, jewellery in beadwork, purses and pouches in beadwork, brass and bronze metalcraft, curios and statuettes, fabrics- embroidered and printed, leather bags, purses, belts, wallets, gloves, jeans and jackets. Plenty of choices to carry back home on the Cameroon Holiday Package!


Cuisine varies by region, but a large, one-course, evening meal is common throughout the country. A typical dish is based on cocoyams, maize, cassava (manioc), millet, plantains, potatoes, rice, or yams, often pounded into dough-like fufu(cous-cous). This is served with a sauce, soup, or stew made from greens, groundnuts, palm oil, or other ingredients. Meat and fish are popular but expensive additions. Dishes are often quite hot, spiced with salt, red pepper, and magi. Water, palm wine, and millet beer are the traditional mealtime drinks, although beer, soda, and wine have gained popularity. Breakfast consists bread and fruit with coffee or tea, generally breakfast is made from wheat flour as various different foods such as puff-puff (doughnuts), accra banana made from bananas and flour,bean cakes and many more. Snacks are popular, especially in larger towns where they may be bought from street vendors. Otherwise, a large variety and blend of International and also Indian cuisine is available to cater to the needs of the travellers from around the globe!


The north has rains from April/May to September/October. The hottest months are March to May, when temperatures can soar high, although it is a dry heat. The south has a humid, equatorial climate, with rain scattered throughout the year. The main wet season is from June to October, with light rain from March to June. Throughout Cameroon, November to February are the driest months and hence the best months for enjoying your holiday, though the island is recommended for a visit throughout the year as you could enjoy the outdoor view by just lazing around in your resort or hotel, sipping a cup of tea or coffee or some cold beverage with some piping hot snacks, and just relax and rejuvenate your stressed mind!

Rocked and rolled by nature’s wonder with a loadful of memories on the Cameroon Holiday Package!