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Bangkok Pattaya Honeymoon

Bangkok Pattaya Honeymoon (5 Days)

JY308 Rs. 36,500

For honeymooners wanting a blend of the fast-paced life with quietude, Bangkok-Pattaya is the answer to their dream honeymoon.  Bangkok, Thailand's capital city, with its urbanised cultural blend is itself a mix of the modern and ethnic, while Pattaya, has a world-famous beach and an easy lifestyle. The two together make for a classic experience.

An exotic blend of culture, modernity and religion, Bangkok is an exciting destination for honeymooners. The imposing malls in the city, its numerous Buddhist temples, exotic and traditional monuments, one of the best airport terminals and excellent transportation network including skytrains and an airport rail link, all combine to make Bangkok into a tourist hotspot and honeymoon Destination. Bangkok has large green areas; the most famous green zone here is the Lumphini Park, besides many other famous parks, and its river districts, which are well worth a visit.

Tourists to this region, often combine it with a visit to Pattaya, which is a fair distance away from Bangkok but known for its famous beach.  What was once a small fishing village, Pattaya, has over the years developed into a popular beach resort and has one of the world's largest malls on the beach!  A pleasing climate and easy lifestyle make it a popular tourist spot.
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