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Auckland Holiday Package

Auckland is a city of volcanoes, with the ridges of lava-flow,  forming the main thoroughfares and its many cones providing islands of green within the sea of suburbs.  As well as being the largest, it is the  multicultural city  of New Zealand, also  called ‘Tamaki Makarau’ by its native Maoris, ranking high with its quality of life and a sizable Asian community that rubs shoulders with the biggest Polynesian population of any city in the world. Auckland is popularly known as the “City of Sails” because the harbour is often dotted with hundreds of  yachts, whereas the green swathe of the Auckland domain contains sports fields, interesting sculptures, formal gardens, wild corners and the Wintergarden, with its fernery, tropical house, cool house, cute cat statue and the neighbouring cafe. Get on board the Auckland Holiday Package!

Tourist Attractions:

The tourists would be enchanted with the attractions of The Auckland Art Gallery, housing an important and extensive collection of New Zealand contemporary art, and The Quarried Auckland Civic Theatre,  a famous heritage atmospheric theatre in downtown.  The Harbour Bridge is an iconic symbol of Auckland,  the Auckland Town Hall with its concert hall has some of the finest acoustics in the world hosting both council and entertainment functions, and the Auckland War Memorial Museum, a large multi-exhibition museum in the Auckland Domain, known for its impressive neo-classicist style dominating this magnificient museum, an imposing Greek temple with a modern dome and a comprehensive display of Pacific Island and Maori artefacts on the ground floor, all these contributing to a `must-see’ list. Another highlight of this place is a 25m war canoe and an extant carved meeting house from the Thames area. There is the Aotea Square, a site of crafts, markets, rallies and arts festivals, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Britomart Transport Centre,a historic Edwardian building, Eden Park,the city’s primary sports stadium, Karangahape Road,known as `K’ Road, a street famous for its bars, clubs and smaller shops, and Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World,a well-known aquarium, also showcasing penguins, turtles, sharks, tropical fish, sting rays and other marine creatures, leaving the travellers spellbound!

The Howick Historical Village is a `living’ museum and its gardens are a faithful reconstruction of the Victoria fashion, including  ponds with ducks and geese, and a cafe with home made goodies.  One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie), a volcanic cone was the isthmus’ key `pa’ and the great fortress in the country, and the tourists could explore the craters and surrounding Cornwall Park, with its impressive mature trees and historic cottage. The Auckland Zoo is an excellent modern zoo with spacious, natural compounds and a large selection of native birds and tuataras, with the infrared lighting of the nocturnal house offering a rare chance to see kiwis fossicking about.  The Auckland Botanical Gardens would thrill you with themed gardens, threatened plants and plenty of greenery around! Just can’t complain on the Auckland Holiday Package!


There are plenty of shopping malls and galleries selling a trove of precious items, designed and crafted by the local people, such as  Fingers, a gallery-cum-shop, consisting of individual pieces of jewellery with reference to nature, icons and identity of  the city, made of precious metals, shells, fabrics,stone and found objects. Tourists may find some beautiful Maori designs and pounamu or greenstone jewellery at the Royal Jewellery Studio. A huge variety of goods including clothes, pottery, leather work, handicrafts, kiwi t-shirts, lambswool ruggie are available at the Victoria Park Market, with cafes to give that `chill’ and live entertainment on weekends! South Pacific fashions, food and music may be explored at the Otara market. Fun souvenirs like kitschy tea towels, chilli pepper fairy lights, woven flax bags, baskets,clothing and tintoys could be purchased at Buana Satu. Reputed artists like Fatu Feu’u may excite you with Pan-Pacific art on  your visit to O’Kai Oceanikart, a colourful treasure  of Polynesian craft and gifts.          


There is a gamut of culinary spread to bring a `growl’ in your stomach with an amazing variety on the menu, such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Mexican, Wok, Sushi, Indonesian and Indian, with some renowned classical restaurants being the Gourmet Thai Restaurants, Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine, Hollywood Cafe, International Food Court, Atrium on Elliot, Food Alley, and fast food joints such as Burger Fuel, The Curry Box, Bagel Love and Subway.  Authentic Indian food may be tasted at `Zyka’ serving a buffet,and takeaways with a bar, Bollywood, with main meals and vegetarian food, Raviz, with all meals and a bar, and Satya South Indian Restaurant to indulge in your mouth-watering pleasures!  Attending to that noisy stomach on the Auckland Holiday Package!


Auckland has a warm temperate climate, with warm, humid summers and mild, damp winters, thereby defining it as an oceanic climate. It is the warmest main centre of New Zealand and is  one of the sunniest, though high levels of rainfall occur almost year- round. Snowfall in Auckland is extremely rare and it feels 2great to enjoy the sea breeze that rises with the early morning calm!

Return with hot and cool memories on the Auckland Holiday Package!