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Pattaya Travel Guide - Pattaya Tourist Attractions

Pattaya, Thailand

Sun, Sand and Sea Gloriously Combine in Pattaya

Till the 1960’s it was a small fishing village where American marines, having discovered its beautiful beaches, sought to rest.  Gradually, it emerged as a top-class beach destination, its’ fishermen’s huts giving way to resorts and retail outlets.  It even has a huge shopping mall along the beach!  The easy-going lifestyle and low living costs have encouraged many foreigners to take up residence here.  The locals are mostly Thai and Chinese.

Tourist Attractions
Situated off the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya lies 145 km south of Bangkok.  You will find from your Pattaya Tour Package, that Pattaya Bay, comprising tall skyscrapers facing the sea, has a scintillating skyline, and is one of the largest beach resorts of Asia.  It attracts visitors second only to Bangkok.  Pattaya’s famed tourist attractions include the Pattaya Park Tower; a beautiful pagoda temple called ‘Sanctuary of Truth’; the Wat Khao Phra Bat temple in Pattaya Bay; the colourful Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens with several varieties of orchids and palm trees, which also features a traditional Thai village with traditional entertaining shows; the Million Years Stone Park; Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum with 10 themed galleries and thousands of artefacts; the Bottle Art Museum and Funny Land Amusement Park.  There’s an Underwater World – an aquarium of international repute, and a popular cultural show called the ‘Thai Alangkarn Theatre’.  Tourists throng the Jomtien Beach not only for its condominiums, bungalow complexes, shops, restaurants and bars, or opportunities to swim, jet-ski and parasail, but also for the spectacular view Jomtien lends of Pattaya.  Many offshore islands also have beaches open for scuba diving.  

Our Pattaya Tour Package has many fun things for the whole family and will lead you to the wondrous Mini Siam, comprising a traditional Thai village with miniature replicas of many world-renowned monuments including the Statue of Liberty, the London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, Bangkok’s Democracy Monument and the famed Bridge on the River Kwai.  There are treks to Pattaya’s Elephant Village, where tourists can indulge in river-rafting, picnic at the waterfall, go for a traditional ride in an ox-cart, watch Thai fencing and dance shows.  Families can spend the day at the privately-owned Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, which is said to have the maximum number of Bengal tigers, besides ostriches, kangaroos, crocodiles and many rare birds.  On-shore activities include go-karting and golfing, while there are exciting submarine trips to discover corals and underwater marine life.  Pattaya hosts several events pertaining to music, dance and fashion; a Bike Week for motorcycling enthusiasts; a Regatta; besides traditional Thai festivals such as Songkran and Loi Krathong.

There are roadside vendors, departmental stores and supermarkets turning Pattaya into a shopping haunt, selling all kinds of food and other products, and souvenir items.  The stores sell products required for daily needs besides grocery and foodstuff. The supermarkets sell garments with international labels, branded cosmetics, watches and electronic goods. Pattaya’s famous shopping mall is the Big C, known for its’ seafood and other products, which is located in Central Pattaya and Sukhumvit Road.  The Mike Shopping Mall is located at Beach Road, near the entrance, and displays clothes and cosmetics of world-renowned brands, besides a food court.  Most of the malls have cinema halls and restaurants.  Close to the Marriot Hotel is the Royal Garden Plaza with a number of elegant boutiques, cinema halls, restaurants and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.  Pattaya still has a floating market that sells seafood, fresh vegetables and fish, besides jewellery and traditional curios.

Along the Beach Road, there are many nightclubs, cafes and shops.  There’s a staggering variety of international cuisine in Pattaya:  Thai, Seafood, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Swiss, French, Italian, German, Irish, English, American and Indian food!  North, South and Central Pattaya along with Jomtein and Bangsaen beaches have restaurants serving seafood, Thai and international cuisine.  American, Chinese, French and German food has many takers in this island resort.  Traditional Irish food and typical English cuisine are available in upscale hotels, resorts and English pubs.  Italian food – pizza, pasta, spaghetti and lasagna – is served in many restaurants, as is Japanese food.  The Korean meal consisting of kimchi, fish and rice is available in restaurants in North and Central Pattaya, and Jomtein beach.  Vietnamese and Swiss cuisine is also available; and, there are many restaurants in North, South and Central Pattaya, and Jomtein beach serving Indian vegetarian fare.

Pattaya is generally warm, but experiences three seasons – cool, hot and rainy.  November-February is the cool season when the average temperature hovers at a high of 31oC and a low of 21oC.  March-May is hot and humid when temperatures soar to 33oC while the minimum can touch 27oC.  June-October sees a lot of rain, but temperatures are still quite high, with a maximum of 30oC and a minimum of 25oC-27oC.