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Genting Highlands Travel Guide - Genting Highlands Tourist Attractions

Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Highlands:  Rainforests, Casinos, Events and Strawberry Farms

When the crisp air of the Cameron Highlands enchanted him in 1964, an entrepreneur decided to develop a remote mountainous area into a holiday resort – Genting Highlands, resting on a mountain peak at a height of 1,800 m, on the border of Malaysia’s Pahang and Selangor states.  Today, with five hotels, a skyway cable car taking tourists to the hilltop, Malaysia’s only legal casinos and a happening nightlife, it is a highly favoured tourist destination.  

Tourist Attractions
Avail the Genting Highlands Tour Package to reach this splendid hill resort, a short distance from Kuala Lumpur. When the skies are clear, the peak offers breathtakingly beautiful views of the rainforest leaning towards Kuala Lumpur [KL].  It has fascinating theme parks that guarantee plenty of thrills and fun for the whole family. The First World Indoor Theme includes popular favourite rides such as adult and junior bumper cars, reindeer cruise and flying dragon.  The Outdoor Theme Park includes pirate ship and train, flying jumbo, and, tea cup and flying coaster.  The resort at Genting has a Haunted House; a Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum with several mind-teasers; a Star Walk, listing celebrities who have performed at Genting, including Cliff Richard; Snow World which is freezing; and, several other interesting items for children and adults.

The Genting Highlands Tour Package will lead you to the Chin Swee Caves Temple, which has a huge statue of the revered Chin Swee, who was believed to be able to drive evil spirits away and bring in rain, which is a popular haunt of tourists. There are golfing greens, a country resort, as well as trips to the many nearby vegetables, mushroom and strawberry farms. Popular landmarks are the Highlands Hotel, fashioned along the lines of a typical Scottish castle; and, the Theme Park Hotel with a drawbridge, combining the castle-village theme, inspired by a 16th century French village. The Genting Highland Resort has a few performance venues. Many high-profile events have been hosted here since 2002 which include the IIFA Awards, Lux Style Awards, Zee Cine Awards and MTV Asia Awards, besides many TV Reality Shows and Award functions.  The most popular form of entertainment for the adults is, of course, gambling at the casinos!

First World Plaza, said to be Malaysia’s highest mall, has shops, restaurants and an indoor theme park.  It has more than 90 known brands and several food outlets. It also has a Cultural Village featuring the exquisite workmanship of many South-East Asian countries.  On another floor, innumerable shops sell stylish clothing, shoes, sportswear, CDs, DVDs, audio CDs, chocolates and candy.  Near the Snow World, there are electronic gadgets for sale, as well as jewellery shops, toy shops, hats and party masks.  Outside the Snow World, shops sell winter clothes, shawls, hats, gloves and scarves.  There’s a large variety of foodstuff on sale – local and international products.  Several other shops sell a wide variety of products outside Genting’s hotels and Gohtong Jaya.  Many tiny stalls along the walkways also sell handicrafts, clothes, accessories and souvenirs.  Hotel Seri Malaysia has a gift shop. You can always explore the strawberry, mushroom and vegetable farms to buy fresh strawberries, mushrooms and highland vegetables.

There are only four bars in Genting – Safari, Cloud 9, All Sports Bar and Patio Bar & Lounge, but several cafes serving coffee and tea, besides fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and Marybrown.  Genting has bakeries and confectionaries, snack and chestnut corners, and many restaurants serving various kinds of cuisine.  Shanghai 10 and Causeway sell authentic Chinese cuisine; while the award-winning The Olive in Genting Hotel, flies in Wagyu steak from Japan.  Penang Food Village in the Theme Park Hotel is popular for its tasty fare – spicy prawn noodle soup, Penang Fried Kway Teow and noodles in black gravy.  The Coffee Terrace in Genting Hotel whips up an international buffet comprising six different cuisines – local, Nonya, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Western. A small shop near Genting Skyway sells delicious herbal soup.

The weather is cool and pleasant throughout the year in Genting Highlands, with the maximum temperature ranging between 20oC-25oC, and the minimum temperature remaining between 15oC-20oC. There is rain and thunderstorms around the end of the year, when light woollens may be required.  Due to its’ proximity to KL, when it rains there, Genting experiences a cloud cover with poor visibility.  March-September is the dry period with minimum rainfall.