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Spain Holiday Packages

Spain – the intensely passionate, vibrant country where flamenco dancers swirl to the twang of the guitar, gypsies and bullfighters – has several cities and islands, the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees range on its north, the Cordilleras around its Bay of Biscay and the lovely Mediterranean Sea to its south and east.

When you take our Spain Holiday Package, you’ll traverse mountainous regions, high plateaux and touch mighty seas.  Several rivers flow through Spain.  Hundreds of sparkling beaches dot its landscape, where you can participate in water sports.The adventurous can go climbing or skiing and enjoy the snow sports.  

By availing our Spain Holiday Package, you can discover Spain through its many museums, castles, historic gardens, fine ancient monuments, and attend a musical concert in one of its reputed opera houses.  Alongside you can experience the night-life, tour avant-garde cities, enjoy the spas, shop, taste the best cuisine in Madrid and Valencia, sip Spanish wine and even ride in the Spanish high-speed train.

It has innumerable types of folk music, besides which pop, rock, hip hop and heavy metal are very popular.  There’s a variety of cuisine in its various parts.Spain has different climatic zones and it depends on when you want to visit which part, though you can visit it round-the-year.