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Scandinavian Holiday Packages

Norway, Sweden and Denmark, nicknamed the Scandinavian countries, are the phenomenal home of the "Midnight Sun" - when the sun never sets for days on end, "Polar Nights" - when it is mostly twilight for 2-3 months and the spectacular Aurora Borealis - "Northern Lights" that light up dark skies.Sweden is densely forested, has several lakes and scenic beauty; Denmark is mostly flat, dotted with bays and inlets; while Norway has varied, captivating natural beauty and its' world-famous fjords.

The home of Hans Christian Andersen - the famous fairytale writer, Denmark's oft-visited tourist attraction - the Little Mermaid, the inspiration behind the scintillating lyricism of Thelma - Marie Corelli's reputed novel, Scandinavia has fairytale-like, ethereal beauty to enchant and enthrall you.It has a vibrant night life and throbs to pop music, particularly of the internationally acclaimed Swedish pop group, the Abbas.Iceland and Finland are also considered as part of Scandinavia with beaches aplenty, besides icy cold water, and a thermal beach in Reykjavik in Iceland, heated by hot water, to the tourists' delight.

Scandinavia, surprisingly, is rich with sandy, soft and warm beaches, interspersed all over its terrain.  There are beaches which allow pets, have soft sand, offer water sports and playgrounds for children, making them tourist hot-spots.