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Santorini Honeymoon Package

Imagine a newly wedded honeymoon couple with stars in their eyes on board the Santorini Honeymoon Package! Classically known as Thera and officially called Thira, Santorini is a small island in the southern Aegean Sea, lying south-east of Greece.  It belongs to the Cyclades group of islands, formed by a volcanic explosion thousands of years ago.  The newly wedded wake up to an eruption of emotions! Santorini has a lagoon in the centre, which is surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides; the fourth side is separated from the sea by Therasia, a very tiny island.  It’s’ capital is Fira that is spread on top of the cliff overlooking the lagoon.   Santorini was named the world’s best island in the year 2011.

Tourist Attractions:

Santorini was originally known as Kalliste, ‘the most beautiful one’.  Indeed, Thira, lying in an arc, is a beautiful island which exposes the honeymooners to a unique place with different layers of solidified lava protuding in piles.  The beaches on the island have pebbles and sand, while the outer beaches are shallow and smooth.  Santorini has gardens, several vineyards, cave houses and tiny churches, all of them an Elysian sight.  Most of the houses and churches here are white or in pastel colours accompanied by white cobble-stoned pathways,  a dramatic contrast to the cliffs and sea.  Imerovigli provides splendid views of the surroundings of this mystic island.  Above Fira is the town of Oia with white houses and blue domes rising over the amazingly beautiful Ammoudi Bay, .  The sunsets in Oia are considered to be the most spectacular in the world!

The centuries old Minoan town of Akrotiri encourages a compulsory visit and has  ruins that are well-preserved as are its pottery and frescoes. In Fira, there’s a Museum of Pre-Historic Thera that has more pots and pottery that were excavated in Akrotiri, including frescoes of blue monkeys which remain a riddle till today.  There’s an Archaeological Museum in Fira containing incredible exhibits of varying ages.  The Art Space Gallery and Winery in Exo Gonia, near Fira, houses works of local and international artists, and has the winery.  Lemon and oranges are abound in Santorini along with several varieties of grapes  and a the island is also famous for its’ sweet dessert wine and white wine for a sparkling Santorini Honeymoon Package!.  For those who want some more activity in this marvellous island, there’s horse-riding, diving, scuba-diving and snorkelling to be done, besides cruises to see the volcano, swimming in the volcano’s hot springs in `Palia Kameni’, and a hop to `Thirassia’, a nearby picturesque island.  At Kamari beach,  there’s adventure in the form of water-skiing, wakeboarding, knee-boarding, kite-boarding and banana-boat riding.


In Santorini there are several shops selling merchandise such as fashionable clothing, jewellery, a  sumptuous variety of wines and cheese, handicrafts, resort clothes, leather handbags, local handicrafts, playing cards, olive oil soaps, books and gift items. The Minimarket has beer, cigarettes and even diet coke. Local delicacies including tiny cherry tomatoes, Chloro fresh and Melitiana cheese and pies,  fava – split peas puree and koufeto,  a sweet prepared with almonds soaked in honey, are worth taking home to revel in those sugary memories. In Oia the merchandise includes beach towels, beach bags, T-shirts, calendars, paintings and prints.  Fira’s gold street, said to be one of Greece’s largest gold markets, has the latest Greek designs and those of world-famed jewellery designers. Hand-made silver jewellery and ornaments with precious stones are also available here, besides a cosmetic store equipped with a variety of perfumes and sun creams. The latest in clothes, accessories and shoes from the world’s reputed fashion houses are available in Santorini.

For the art lovers,  Fira has the  `Fabrica’ shopping arcade which has plenty of galleries exhibiting works of nouveau deco by great artists, including that of Yiorgos Kipris, whose modern sculptures are made of glass and metal, and exclusive paintings by the Teeheran artist Christoforos Asimis, an art par excellence!   Messaria has  marble sculptures by Grigoris Kouskouris, to appetize the honeymoomer’s hunger for  shopping!   A fulfilling experience on the Santorini Honeymoon Package!


Most of the food outlets serve local dishes, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, though there are a few restaurants hosting typically British, American, Chinese, Sushi and Italian fare.  There’s Mexican food, fusion food, seafood, pizzas and international cuisine available on this small island.  The honeymooners may visit  cafes, coffee-houses, bakeries and places where they can get a good breakfast as well as desserts.  Besides, Santorini rocks at night as there are bars with thumping music and dancing, taverns and open air cinemas.


The island of Santorini experiences an extremely hot desert climate in July and August, when it becomes dry and windy, though the temperatures in June are slightly lower.   January is the coldest month, with the temperatures being a notch higher in December and February.

The newly-wedded couple get on board the return flight, hand-in-hand with an everlasting smile on their faces,   from the Santorini Honeymoon Package, lost in a bewildered world of their own!