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Santorini Holiday Package

Santorini, a city in Greece, pronounced  classically as Thera and officially as Thira, is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, located at the southeast from Greece’s mainland. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera! Welcome on the Santorini Holiday Package!!

Tourist Attractions:

Kalliste or `the most beautiful one’, as Santorini was originally known,  and later classified as Thera.  Indeed, officially known as Thira, lying in an arc, it is a charismatic island.  The tourists  get to sight-see a unique island that reveals different layers of solidified lava piled on each other.  The colour of the sand on the beaches differs, depending on which layer is exposed, that is,  a red beach, a black beach and a white beach.  Some beaches have pebbles and sand, while the outer beaches are shallow and smooth.  The island has attractive gardens, several vineyards, cave houses and tiny churches, all of them an immensely pleasurable sight.  Most of the houses and churches here are white or in pastel colours having white cobble-stoned pathways – a dramatic contrast to the cliffs and the sea.  Imerovigli provides splendid views of the surroundings of this ecstatic island.  Above Fira is the town of Oia with white houses and blue domes rising above the amazingly spectacular Ammoudi Bay.  The sunsets from Oia are considered to be the most sublime in the world! 

The old Minoan town of Akrotiri is a ‘must-visit’, on the Santorini Holiday Package, as the ruins are well-preserved as are its pottery and frescoes. In Fira, there’s a Museum of Pre-Historic Thera that has more pots and pottery that were excavated in Akrotiri, including frescoes of blue monkeys, wrapped in a riddle till today.  There’s an Archaeological Museum in Fira containing exhibits of varying ages.  The Art Space Gallery and Winery in Exo Gonia, near Fira, houses works of local and international artists, including  the winery.  Lemon and oranges are abound in Santorini, along with several varieties of grapes, and the island is famous for its’ sweet dessert wine and white wine.  The activities that are a marvel for the tourists are  horse-riding, diving, scuba-diving and snorkelling , besides cruises to see the volcano, swimming in the volcano’s hot springs at Palia Kameni and island hopping to nearby picturesque islands like Thirassia.  At Kamari Bay, encompassing black sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters,  there’s more action in the form of water-skiing, wakeboarding, knee-boarding, kite-boarding and banana-boat rides. The Santorini Water Park is an ideal resort for relaxation for those who are not keen on speedy extreme water sports and the park is set against a backdrop of barren hills with plenty of foliage becoming the perfect place to unwind!.


Fira is the central market of the island, with its crowded alleys being full of shops that satisfy even the most fastidious tastes.  This island has a gold street, named Ypapantis street, which is the largest gold market in Greece consisting of the trendiest designer jewellery collections of famous Greek and foreign houses, as well as handmade jewellery of silver and other precious metals may also be found here. In every shopping street of the island’s capital, the latest trends of international fashion pertaining to clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics containing a wide variety of perfumes and sun creams are available to entice the tourists!

It would be a daring omission not to mention the art-loving side of Fira and its `Fabrica’ shopping centre which has numerous galleries exhibiting works of art by great artists, including that of Yiorgos Kypris who excels in modern sculptures made of glass and metal and exclusive paintings by the Teeheran artist Christoforos Asimis. In Messaria, there are marble sculptures by Grigoris Kouskouris, spread out for sale. The picturesque village has little shops with objects and works of art coming from different cultures.  In every part of the island, the purchase of textiles from the traditional weaving mills, and all kinds of souvenirs would remind travellers of their escapade on the Santorini Holiday Package!


In Fira, there are many taverns and ouzo bars serving delicious local dishes like fresh sea food, beans, tomato and fried eggplant along with the famous wine of Santorini.  International cuisine has enormous fare, such as Italian, Sushi, Kallisti and Cypriot, which is a blend of middle eastern and Greek food.  There is Grill House that serves fish and some Chinese speciality outlets.  The island is surrounded by Cafes and Cafe Bars, such as The Lounge Cafe with a terrific view of the caldera, Lioverma -a music cafe, Sun Spirit-a cafe bar in Oia, projecting a breathtaking view of the sea and the sunset. Other restaurants and cafes in the village are the Chilli Bar, Casablanca Soul, Kira Thira, the Jazz Bar, Murphy- an Irish pub, The Magic Bus, and Theros Wave Bar-a Beach Bar! The Aegean Sea with its immaculate white ambience is the perfect example of comfort in large couches and soft cushions, whereas Vertigo which is located near the caldera is mesmerising with fantastic views of the sunset!


Santorini experiences a hot desert climate and is dry and windy and July and August are the hottest months, with the temperatures being slightly lower in June.  The coldest month is January with the temperatures dipping, but in December and February, the winters are a wee bit warmer!

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