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Norway Honeymoon Package

Journey abound on the Norway Honeymoon Package moves you to Norway, part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and land-bound in the east with Sweden and Russia, and in the north with Finland.  In the south, it has the Skagerrak Strait.  Famous for its fjords, it faces the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Barents Sea. The capital of Norway is Oslo.  The famed natural phenomena of the midnight sun can be experienced in the northern part of Norway.

Tourist Attractions:

This Scandinavian country is spectacularly beautiful with some of the world’s best coastal scenery.  The splendid Unes Stave Church is a World Heritage Site, while the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim is marvellous and considered a national shrine with its embellishment of biblical, rich stone statues and sculptures. The Bryggen Wharf in Bergen exemplifies the ultimate craftmanship in wooden architecture. Oslo’s Royal Palace sits royally amidst magnificent gardens, and tourists flock to see the Changing-of-the-Guard ceremony.  The Norwegian Parliament at Storting is an impressive monument and Geirangerfjord is majestically beautiful with waterfalls and cliffs. Oslo’s charming Vigeland Park has splendid art pieces of a famous sculptor on display. There is  the ancient Fortress of Akershus overlooking the cruise ship pier with its thick earth and stone walls, and is an informative historical guide! The couple on the Norway Honeymoon Package could visit The Northern Lights Planetarium, the first of its kind in the country,  proud of  its visual and special effects. A trip to the Lofoten islands, which are a cluster of mountains, bring an enigmatic surprise for the visitors,. The Norwegian Crown Jewels are on display in the summer months to bring a shimmer to the eyes!

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump is the most popular ski resort lending a beautiful view of Oslo and the nearby fjord. For the adventurous, there’s snowboarding, cruising down a fjord, rafting, hang-gliding, paragliding, parachuting and scuba-diving in cold waters, besides hiking, fishing and safaris to see the whales and sea eagles, along with guided walks on Norway’s glaciers. There are several music festivals in Norway and Oslo. Jazz thrives in Norway, while Black Metal is its contribution to the world of music, and there are many places where live concerts are held.


Norway has an entire stretch of shopping land to attract the honeymooners!   The Norway Shop in Oslo sells gift items and Norwegian knitwear and the UFF Family Store offers a wide selection of clothes and accessories available for all age-groups along with traditional and skiing outfits.  The Galleri Gimle specialises in  century- furniture, antique chandeliers and paintings. Louis Vuitton has a store in Oslo selling luxury bags, accessories and shoes.  Karl Johans Gate is the famous pedestrian market street for shopping in Oslo, promoting handicrafts, clothes, jewellery and home accessories, souvenirs and art deco.  The Paleet Shopping Centre has several shops selling trendy clothes for men and women, jewellery, sportswear, glassware, porcelain and flowers besides other souvenirs.  Tickle the pocket on the Norway Honeymoon Package!


The popular Norwegian meal consists of various types of fish and meat balls, pork chops, vegetables and bread. Couples  fond of beer, cider and honey wine, besides coffee would find these in restaurants, bars and  active pubs  at night, with the latest international music to enliven the atmosphere for the romantic personas!  Dairy products including brown and red cheese, and chocolates are popular, besides fruits and desserts,which when tasted would melt the palate of the couples. International cuisine such as Asian, Middle-Eastern and Indian food has a presence in Norway and it   has some of the best seafood and gourmet food.  In Oslo, Curry and Ketchup serves - tikka masala, palak paneer, naans, mango lassi; while Punjab Tandoori has - curries, dals and samosas, to satisfy the culinary buds of the Indians.


The Spring from May to mid-June is the time when Norway is at its prettiest, though the temperature  varies between very cold, snowy days to warm sunshine.  Summer-time from late June-August has temperatures rising up, but is still pleasant.  In autumn, the temperature drops gradually through September; while winter brings heavy snow, rains,  gales and cold glaciers plummeting in the inner regions of Norway.

Ooops! What a sparkling return on the Norway Honeymoon Package with gigantic memories of a blissful companionship of soul mates, to last forever!