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North India Tour Package

India is a land of diverse regions, cultures and ethnicity.  A country that is vibrant; colourful with a rich fabric of history woven around it.  India wears an aura of mysticism, romanticism and abundant natural beauty to captivate any tourist.

For a country that has everything from mountains to seas, rivers to oceans, deserts to lakes, hill resorts to plains, it is impossible to experience it all at one go.  It deftly blends the traditional with the modern in its culture, art forms and literature. There are cities in the plains, such as Delhi, which have an exhilarating elixir of history and sophisticated night life.  

We have several North east India Tour  for the ardent tourist to help you experience the overwhelming beauty of the majestic Himalayas and splendid hill resorts, as well as to be close to India's wildlife and visit India's unexplored tribal haunts, but you are welcome to make your own travel plans.

Our platter of North India Tourist Packages includes the scenic beauty of Srinagar in Kashmir, aptly called 'paradise on earth',  resplendent in its fascinating gardens-Dal Lake-shikaras-houseboats; the rejuvenating hill stations of Manali and Shimla, with their pristine beauty, densely forested hills and waterfalls; Chandigarh - modern India's planned city with its unique rock gardens; the holy land of Amritsar which houses the many Sikh shrines including the Golden Temple - their sanctum sanctorum, besides showing off the flag-raising ceremony at Wagah at the Indo-Pak border; the holy city of Varanasi - ancient Benares, steeped in history and silk; the attractive pink, desert city of Jaipur; and architecturally-rich Delhi, the heart of the country.

The Wildlife India Tours take you to Rajasthan and Assam; the Heritage India Tours take you through Delhi, quaint Rajasthan and the world-famous Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh [UP]; our Pilgrimage Tour takes you to many places in UP, Orissa and West Bengal; several Hill Himalaya Tours take you to the bewitching hill stations in Kashmir, Uttaranchal, Leh & Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh; while there are
Tribal Tours to explore the charming north-east; and, Adventure Tours that include rafting, surfing, rappelling, climbing, jumping off cliffs and rappelling in UP.

So, come, take your pick of our North India Tourist Packages; we'll help you along to decide which place is best to visit when, where you can stay and what clothes you need to pack.We're sure you'll have a lovely time.