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Mussoorie Honeymoon Packages

Mussoorie is spread along a ridge in the Mussoorie Hills at a reasonable high altitude, at the head of the Doon Valley in west Uttarakhand!  The honeymooners sense the air breezing through them as conducive to romance and hence this is the perfect escapade for two human beings who celebrate their tying the knot with each other to spend a lifetime together! As this area sits smug on the `Queen of the Hills’, everything from the hill views to the dense pine branches to the divine chirping of the morning birds and the crisp air seem absolutely delicious! The glorius name is derived from Mansur or cororiana napalensis, an herb that grows in the Himalayan foothills.

Tourist Attractions:

The hill station is a long, narrow stretch of horseshoe-shaped ridge on a height and away from the Mall areas, which has managed to preserve its wealth of birdlife and flora and fauna. The Mall Road,  a shopping-eating-walking area expanses from Library Bazaar at one end to Kulri Bazaar at the other end abundant with  lamp posts and  curvaciously ornate benches enclosed within for a rest. However, the area offers a humble blend of bhuttas, ice-creams, restaurants and horses to trot around the modern market at Kulri Bazaar or abutting the old market at Landour Bazaar. The Kulri Bazaar is the hub of all social, commercial and tourist activity, which begins just after the Gun Hill Ropeway. The area encompasses a number of hotels, guest houses, clothes, groceries, woollens, medicines, game parlours and the adventurous skating rink!   The Gun Hill is at a height above the Mall and can be reached by a cable car ride or a path from the Mall, which affords a great view of the Doon Valley!Towards the western end of the Mall, the Library bazaar is dominated by a Victorian-style library, and has an old Band Stand next to the Library, with shops equipped to fulfill tourist needs.  A statue of Mahatma Gandhi gives the name Gandhi Chowk to the bazaar!

The Christ Church is situated near the Kasmanda Palace, a short distance from the Library Bazaar. This ancient church has majestic interiors with stained glass windows, emphasizing the Gothic design.  Centuries ago the churchyard had a deodar tree planted by the Princess of Wales. The Camel’s Back Road is another delightful area lined up from Library Point to Kulri Bazaar, which has an outcrop of rocks shaped like a camel’shump. An enchanting place for the honeymooners to  to take an evening stroll with dreamy looks as they watch the setting sun painting the peaks in different hues! They could also take an exciting slow rickshaw ride holding on to each other!

The Happy Valley area houses the IAS Academy, the Company Gardens and the Tibetan homes and temple.  Again, a road for an exciting slow walk or a rickshaw ride which finally finishes at Cloud’s End, Mussoorie’s final point, where if you keep to the left of the road forks, the honeymooners may find themselves in thickly wooded forests spotting a barking deer, langurs and rare species of birds there is also a Jwala Devi Temple closeby.  The Company Bagh has a manicured lawn, an overflowing fountain, an artificial waterfall and boating on a lake ensuring the wedded couples of an enigmatic romantic aroma engulfing the entire arena!

There is also a nursery around with beautiful hill plants. A Tibetan Buddhist Temple called the Shedup Choepelling Temple, earlier a refuge for the Dalai Lama, has a massive prayer hall and the lamp house with hundreds of lamps imparting serenity to the place, for which you may climb uphill for a panoramic view!

The Jharipani Falls is a short way downhill from Mussoorie and from the Jharipani market; the couples may enjoy the walk, hand-in-hand, towards the fall.  Landour is bestowed with pristine quietude with boastful deodars and pines along the landscape, and has some of the best curio stores here. A steep walk from the Bazaar brings you to Landour’s Char Dukaan, where you can feast on paranthas and piping hot masala Maggi and pancakes with maple syrup. The austere St. Paul’s Church is located here and a little way up is the Sisters Bazaar enclosing an area with a group of cottages with a couple of shops. With a backdrop of pines, deodars and towering oaks, the land has maintained its elegance. The area is environed with quite a few walks and treks, enchanting as they are, and the trail called Fairy’s Glen from Sisters Bazaar to Tehri Road is really beautiful!

Lal Tibba represents the highest point in Mussoorie and the tower therein has a telescope which enables a glimpse of the snow-clad peaks. The perennial waterfalls, called the Kempty Falls, are the highest of the five cascades that branch from a mountain stream, cutting its way through boulders and down rock faces.  The couples may indulge in the fancy of a convenient ropeway to ferry them back and forth, to view the persona of the gushing waters!


For shopping,food first! There is plenty of fragrant Basmati rice and stick jaws candies pouring into this hill station from the neighbouring Dehra Dun, for you to take back home.  The Mall Road, Kulri Bazaar and Landour Bazaar are   famous for wooden artefacts,varieties of  curios, woolen shawls and stoles, caps, gloves and mittens, mufflers,  sweaters, books and a vast collection of souvenirs!


A huge spread of food fare is available in the form of Oriental, Continental, Chinese, North Indian and South Indian cuisine. Besides this, restaurants and shops are loaded with brownies, pastries, rolls and pancakes with maple syrup, to be enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee or tea or a frozen cold coffee or a milk shake.  Every palate asking for Tibetan food to burgers, pizzas, pastas to scrumptuous snacks does not ever get disappointed and leaves the place with a full appetite!


The climate in Mussoorie is pleasantly cold in the summer months when tourists crowd the area, but the winters are heavily cold and might witness some snowfall. Sufficient woollens to be carried or may be purchased from the hill station itself, besides carrying the warmth and softness within your souls!

An awesome escapade for the newly wedded to embark on a discovery of togetherness forever!