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Manila Honeymoon Package

Gigantic Wonderland on the Manila Honeymoon Package! The scenic city of Manila rests on Manila Bay’s eastern shore, while the bay itself  is located on the western shores of Luzon.  Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and has the river Pasig flowing through it.  On its’ south, lies the  beautiful Lake Bai and further down Lake Taal.  The city’s name has been derived from the word `Maylinad’ which means `nilad’, that is mangrove plant, found widespread therein! The city seal depicts the words Lungsod ng Maynila and Pilipinas, Filipino, for the City of Manila and Philippines, in a circle around a shield.

Tourist Attractions:

Full of tall skyscrapers, it has the only Asian church made entirely of steel- Basilica Minore de San Sebastian. There are a few parks, the most famous being the Rizal Park which has an open-air theatre; a gym; Filipino, Japanese and Chinese gardens; an Orchidarium; a planetarium; some interesting museums,  namely the Museo Pambata, a children's museum, a chess plaza, the Museum of Philippine Political History which notifies political events in the country, the National Museum of the Philippines   exhibiting life, culture and history of the country, the Parish of the Our Lady of the Abandoned and the San Agustin Church Museum, which houses religious artefacts, Plaza San Luis, a public museum.  Bahav Tsinoy, is another eminent museum, scripted with the Chinese lives and contributions in the history of the Philippines. The Intramuros Light and Sound Museum chronicles the Filipinos desire for freedom during the  revolutionary period and the Intramuros contains important ancient Spanish landmarks.  The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, a city owned museum  promotes the city's culture and history.   There are many Buddhist  and Taoist temples built by the Chinese community in Manila, including the Masjid Al- Dahab at the Quiapo and a large Hindu temple and Sikh Temple for the Indian population.  The Manila Ocean Park has plenty of marine wildlife.  The elegant Coconut Palace and Malacanan Palace, besides many museums, are a popular tourist fascination. The Port Area lends views of beautiful sunsets for the couple to gaze at each with intoxicated eyes!

There are several shrine Plazas in the city located in commercial and industrial places, wherein the shrines have more greens than plazas which have `tiangge’ within. Several festivals are celebrated throughout the year in Manila, and its Subic Freeport Zone offers opportunities for gaming  casinoes, bay-side dining, forest canopy walking, spa treatments or getting sun-tanned on powdery beaches.  A Dream Come True – on the Manila Honeymoon Package!


Manila is famous for its quaint and interesting Chinese shop houses, such as, Binondo, the city’s Chinatown,  known for its’ jewellery and aromatic essence shops.  Ermita and Malate have upscale shopping centres with a magnetic range of art, antique shops, clubs, bars , cafes, restaurants and hotels.  Manila has a few markets where you can bargain, including Greenhills Shopping Centre, known for fresh water pearls and Tiendesitas, famous for furniture, handicrafts and souvenirs.  Quiapo is famous for flowers and herbal remedies and Divisoria  is known for being the shopping center of bargain goods, including `tiangge’ complete with market stalls at negotiable prices. Makati’s upscale Greenbelt malls have imported and designer goods. The Quinta Market is renowned for selling native handicrafts, art deco and curious, and souvenirs. There is the Paco Market, another wet-dry public market which has frenzied, colourful and interesting market scenes with its boisterous ambulant vendors, busy Chinese -owned stalls, and hawker market food.  This district specializes in furniture and hardware items.


The Manila Honeymoon Package will tempt the honeymooners with  a phenomena of restaurants to choose from, serving European, French, Italian, Mediterranean, American, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Indian cuisine, besides local fare.  Cabalen and Kashmir Restaurant are the two Indian restaurants serving excellent foodfare.  There are several clubs, bars, pubs, discotheques and casinos in Manila. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, TGIF, KFC and Mister Donut , besides other fast food outlets.  Mall walkways and food courts offer a wide variety of street food along with `carendarias’ specialists in the same cuisine, at low prices! Filipinos adore their street food, ‘pamatid gutom’, which includes barbecued food, several snacks and fruits.  Another spin-off to the spin-off is Mang Inasal,  the theme being country or provincial style menu,  using banana leaf and cane and bamboo baskets as plates, and claypots as serving plates serving  the native food lovers.

Coffee shops such as Starbucks and Seattle's Best have also recently become quite abundant in malls and commercial centers.  The couple may indulge in the sinful pleasure of have a drinking or toasting experience in Manila with a visit to beer gardens or beerhouses,  which gave the city its name of the `King of Drinking and Dining’. There are food parlours selling coffee, cakes and patisserie, for a sweet taste to melt in the mouth!


Manila has a tropical savannah climate, bordering on a tropical monsoon climate.  It has a dry, short season from January-April and a long, wet period from May-December.  The summer-time is from March-May whereas  May-October brings heavy rainfall, ideal for the indoor romantics!  December-February is quite cool but pleasant!

Come back in wedded bliss with heaps of effervescent memorabilia on the Manila Honeymoon Package!