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Manila Holiday Package

The aircraft on the Manila Holiday Package takes you to `Manila’, located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay.  Beginning as a settlement on the banks of the Pasig River, its name was derived from `Maynilad’ referring to the mangrove plant  `Nilad’, which was found aplenty in the area. Manila or (Filipino Lungsod ng Maynila) is  the capital of Philippines, and in the earlier centuries, it was also described as the context of an Indianised kingdom maintaining diplomatic relations. 

Tourist Attractions:

Visitors may explore the city which has a diverse culture and some notable museums, namely the Museo Pambata- a children's museum, the Museum of Philippine Political History-  exhibiting important political events in the country, the National Museum of the Philippines (which includes the Museum of the Filipino People)-   a home of life, culture and history of the country, the Parish of the Our Lady of the Abandoned and the San Agustin Church Museum - accommodating religious artefacts, Plaza San Luis- a public museum, the UST Museum of Arts and Sciences and the DLS-SCB Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD), both university museums dedicated to science,  technology, and contemporary art.  Bahav Tsinoy, another prominent museum, documents  Chinese lives and their contributions in the history of the Philippines. The Intramuros Light and Sound Museum chronicles the Filipinos desire for freedom during the revolution  under Rizal's leadership and other revolutionary leaders. The Metropolitan Museum of Manila is the city-owned property displaying the Filipino arts and culture.     There are many Buddhist  and Taoist temples built by the Chinese community in Manila.  The Quiapo houses a sizable Muslim population in the city, where Masjid Al-Dahab exists.  There is also a large Hindu temple for the Indian population, and a Sikh Temple was also erected. The country is full of tall skyscrapers and has the only Asian Church made entirely of steel, called Basilica Minore de San Sebastian.

The National Library of the Philippines, the Planetarium, the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion, the park auditorium, the fountain, the children's lagoon, the chess plaza, the Quirino Grandstand  and the  Manila Ocean Park featuring a wide variety of marine animals, are captivating! To the flagpole, west of the Rizal Monument is the Kilometer Zoo, a marker for distances to the rest of the country.   Ooh la-la! food for discovery on the Manila Holiday Package!


The city has Spanish colonial trademarks, gigantic malls and a vibrant night life, not only giving everyone the opportunity to travel and learn but also to have a personal connect with it. Manila is also  famous for flowers, herbal remedies, love potions, fortune tellers, religious items, as well as electronic goods (Raon St.), with native handicrafts and tourist curios being sold at the Quinta Market, and under an overhead bridge, fondly called  as Ille de Toule Tagalog . Divisoria and Quiapo are the shopping outlets for local products and good bargains, while  Ermita and Malate are elite shopping locales for the upper class possessing  a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, art and antique shops.  The nightlife offers everything from cultural exhibitions to discothèques, casinos, entertainment lounges, and fashionable cafes. A part of the Philippine's bustling capital, there is  a remarkable melting pot of Asian, Oceanic, and Latin cultures, which are thick with history and flavour in tune with most traveller's interests. The best way to get an essence of Manila shopping is to go to ‘tiangge’, a market of street shops with tempting bargains. Market! Market!, on the Manila Holiday Package!!


Street food,  often described as "Pamatid Gutom" or food to tide over,is  sold at mini stalls, food stands, or food carts, set up in various places.  Manila  has most of the usual American fast food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Pizza Hut, Subway, Dairy Queen, Shakey's Pizza, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, TGIF, Italianni's, Outback, and KFC. Jollibee, the Filipino counterpart of McDonald's,  is very common in Manila. Another spin-off to the spin-off is Mang Inasal,  the theme being country or provincial style menu,  using banana leaf and cane and bamboo baskets as plates, and claypots as serving plates, hosting  the native food lovers. Coffee shops such as Starbucks and Seattle's Best have also recently become quite abundant in malls and commercial centers.  Drinking experience in Manila encourages a visit to beer gardens or beerhouses  which make it befit  to call Manila as the Dining and Drinking `State’ of Southeast Asia. Restaurants serve varied cuisine such as International, Filipino, Asian Sea Food, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and European with some joints full of steaks, sandwiches, snacks, cakes and patisserie.


Manila features a tropical savanna climate that borders on a tropical monsoon climate. May to October has heavy rain and high humidity. Tropical storms are likely during the wet season from June to November ,but enjoyable for indoors  in the City of Manila.  The dry season, which is from late November to the month of May, is otherwise the best time of the year for a visit! Christmas and Easter time coincides with numerous colourful pageants and processions.

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