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Malaysia Immigration


The `Malaysia My Second Home Programme’ has been designed for non -Malaysians to offer them a ten year renewable visa and various other privileges which are explained below. The programme is primarily meant for those habitants  who wish to migrate or  retire in Malaysia or spend extended periods of stay in that country.

Malaysia has the advantage of being one of the lowest populated countries in Asia, but besides this the country has plenty of unspoiled countryside where you can explore the jungle, hill stations and tropical islands or relax on those fascinating beaches. There is a wealth of flora and fauna as well as wild life and enticing picnic spots and amusement parks. The major roads are excellent and it is easy to drive around the country, once you get used to some of the local driving styles. There are also a large number of excellent hotels which have some of the lowest rates in Asia making domestic travel a pleasure and remarkably good value.

There is a wide range of sports for players and spectators. Malaysia hosts a number of international sports events including Formula 1, motorbike, cycling, power boat racing and golf, even international tower runs! Malaysians are also outstanding hockey, badminton and squash players and enthusiastic football fans. For more active sports there are many golf courses, tennis and squash courts and groups playing cricket and rugby. There are no duties on boats so lovers of sailing will find that it is not only less expensive, but also   many attractive places to visit on the beachside. For divers there are many good spots including some rated as the best in the world off the coast of Sabah, such as Sipadan and Layang Layang islands.