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Indonesia Honeymoon Package

Open your eyes to a wonderful surprise on  the Indonesia Honeymoon Package, awaiting the joyous gift of a vacation sooooo! desired with each other!!  The honeymooners are awakened to the  Special Capital Territory of Jakarta, that is, Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta, the great capital of Indonesia.  This city, standing tall and glorius, derived its name from the Sanskrit word `Jayakarta” which means `victorius deed’, `complete victory’ or a `complete act’.  Considered mammoth, it is also called the `Big Durian’ as considered the Indonesian equivalent to New York City’s, the `Big Apple’.

Tourist Attractions:

The old town of Jakarta is complete with museums restored from previous institutional buildings of Colonel Batavia, a splendid essence for the quest of intellect to keep the honeymooners intrigued about the past collects of art and tradition, some of them being the Jakarta History Museum, Wayang Museum, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Maritime Museum,  Bank Indonesia Museum, Bank Mandiri Museum. Surrounding the Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta, there are clusters of structures such as the  National Museum of Indonesia,  known as Gedung Gajah or `the Elephant Building’, Monas, National Monument (Nasional Monumen), Istiqlal Islami Museum in the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral Museum, Taman Prasasti Museum and the Textile Museum. East Jakarta contains Indonesia Museum, Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum and the traditional Asmat Museum.

Jakarta is obese in its inclusion of beautiful parks for sight-seeing, such as Taman Lapangan  Bantan  (Buffalo Field Park), Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Miniature Park), and Taman Suropati in  Menteng city, consisting of restored  statues. The zeal in the city exudes from its various facets , from the intense and exuberant,  aroma streets of Chinatown to the city’s pompous and active nightlife,The honeymooners may be excited with  their indulgence in  Marine tourism, such as diving, water bicycle, and wind surfing ,which  is the most important touristic activity in the Thousand Islands territory of North Jakarta. The Speed boats and small ferries are the main carriers between  these island  to lend you that moment of adventure!  -   abundant appreciation on the  Indonesia Holiday Package!

There are several prestigious art and culture festivals, and exhibitions held through the year, such as the Jakarta International Film Festival, Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta Fashion Week,  Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival, Indonesia Creative Products and Jakarta Arts and Crafts exhibition. Flona Jakarta is a flora-and-fauna exhibition, held annually in August at Lapangan. The Banteng Park, showcases flowers, plant nurseries, and pets, whereas the Jakarta Fair is held annually from mid-June to mid July to celebrate the anniversary of the city in the form of a trade fair, which also features entertainment, including arts and music performances by local bands and musicians.


There are giant shopping malls such as the Grand Indonesia , Pacific Place Jakarta, Plaza Senayan and the smaller malls Sarinah Thamrin, Ratu Plaza highlighting the `queen’ of Indonesian traditional craft called `batik’, handpainted, and also transformed into products like bags, hats, fabric, clothes, `sarongs’ fans, curtains and tablecloths, coasters, screens, and table mats. Besides this, art, crafts, jewellery, especially precious gems and pearls,  leather shadow puppets (wayang kulit) and affordable wooden dolls (wayang golek) are available in abundance, along with wooden , leather and bamboo-based products which are intricately woven and enough to ooze that spending temptation!   Ho! a pleasurable dent in the pocket on the Indonesia Honeymoon Package!


The mouth watering delicacies arise from a variety of eating locales spread throughout the city, from budget street-side foodstalls and mobile vendors to the elite caterers. The traditional Pedang restaurants and low budget Javanese Warteg are ubiquitous foodstalls in the city. Accompanying the mega selection of Indonesian cuisine and regional catering , there are also widespread international outlets offering Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, American, Thai,  Middle Eastern and modern fusion food.

Additionally, the honeymoon couple in-multitudinal-ecstacy may also visit the adjacent `island of God’ called `Bali’, inviting you, for its luschious landscapes and picturesque beauty of mountains, a heritage of ancient  temples and forest temples which spell out a cry of enigma in the rainforest area, crystal-shining waters, fauna and flora swaying and sounding like a melody.  Amazing shopping malls with unique and branded International brands and exquisite traditional crafts and materials,  a multi-cuisine foodfare, might collectively be heavy on your pockets!


Both  `Jakarta’ and `Bali’ have a tropical monsoon climate with  warm and humid summers, and cool and pleasant  winters, fairly cold in the mountains and hilly areas, and in Jakarta,  the wet climate stretches from November through June, the remaining months being dry!

Enliven those never-to-be-forgotten memoirs in your mind, for an entire lifetime to be spent together, when you return on the Indonesia Holiday Package!