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Bali Island is known as the icon of Indonesia's tourism and is Just like 'paradise'. Relax on Bali's idyllic beaches. Well known as 'The Island of the God' (Pulau Dewata) owing to its volcanic hillsides, idyllic beaches and the magnificent spiritual culture, Bali's art and culture are strongly bonded from Hinduism. So come for the journey to many Hindu Temples in Bali of which Tanha Lot Sea Temple is well known.

However, Indonesia is not only about Bali. Be amazed to find many other places throughout the country that offers unique and distinctive cultures as well as natural beauties. Discover modern Indonesia in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, located in the Java Island. Explore Java islands through its Oceanic rice fields and ancient sultanates.

Spot exotic wildlife and explore the cultural treasures of Yogyakarta. Get in touch with nature and witness a spectacular East Javanese sunrise. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Borobudur Temple, Decorates the landscape of Java. The Biggest Buddhist temple and has the largest and most complete ensemble of Buddhist relief in the world.The clear seas, amazing surf breaks and beautiful beaches combines with living volcanoes to make this nation a tropical paradise.


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