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Hong Kong Honeymoon Packages

Hongkong Honeymoon Package

Hong Kong, a second name for Honeymooners’ Paradise, is a city which encaptures you, being a regal and sophisticated modern island city with a beautiful skyline. Your Hong Kong Honeymoon Package takes you along this expansive city, also known to be a ‘fragrant harbour’ because of the incense drifting with the sea breeze near its shores in days of yore, and will surely infuse fragrance into your life!

Tourist Attractions:

During your Hong Kong Honeymoon Package, you may go on heritage walks hand-in-hand to explore the  famous landmarks of this enchanting island city that are encompassed in densely hilly regions, near  rivers and crystalline beaches resting along the Pearl River Delta, and a mammoth mountain range merging to render a scintillating view. The Avenue of Stars, dedicated to movie icons and lined with movie memorabilia, with a life-size statue of Bruce Lee, stands in the towering shadow of the Peak. The Ocean Park with its world-class aquarium and thrilling rides is a favourite haunt of tourists.

The couples on the Hong Kong Honeymoon Package may take a magical ride to the island, at night, on a ferry service, called ‘Symphony of Lights’, when the sea sparkles like illustrious gems dipped into it.  Its Peak Tram speeds tourists along on a spectacular sight-seeing ride on its way to Victoria Peak. The giant bronze Buddha, Ngong Ping piazza, Po Lin monastery and the Hong Kong Disneyland are formidable tourist attractions, as are the playful dolphins, omnipresent in those clear sparkling waters!

Travel Tips:

The city can keep the honeymooners on their toes, if they’re looking for endless excitement, by offering an active and enticing night life, bars, pubs and cafes, besides music, dance and drama events throughout each month, with an amazing extravaganza of spas wherein you may indulge the luxury of rejuvenating your tired nerves.


You can’t come away from your Hong Kong Honeymoon Package without buying a souvenir or two. Many lavish boutiques and malls with the trendiest haute couture would surely make a slight tear in your pocket. The city thrives with numerous effervescent street markets, its stylish jade and ivory curios, Chinese black and herbal tea, and, of course, gold jewellery, which is a good bargain as it is tax-free. There is an alluring night market and a special ladies market, exotic enough to fantasize as well as to revel in!


Regarded as Asia’s ‘culinary capital’ with thousands of restaurants, the city has the most tried-and-tested gourmet, fast food restaurants, and is popular for dim sum, hotpot and fresh seafood. There’s the inevitable Chinese and Cantonese cuisine, besides authentic Asian and Western fare to satiate your palate.

Though it has a humid, sub-tropical climate, Hong Kong is worthy of a visit throughout the year, especially for the honeymooners, blending humbly into bliss and harmony with each other – till eternity!   To celebrate endlessly their essence together!!