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Himachal Pradesh Holiday Package

There is no one on this earth who would not want to   escape to a hill station for a holiday, to bask in the glory of nature, and watch the amazing gifts that God has bestowed upon his creation, known as the Earth, enclosing the beautiful human race, to help them revel in some adventurous activity in an environ of picturesque and fascinating glory!  There are some pretty hill resorts and others with a quaint and old-world colonial charm as these are architecturally developed by the ancient Britishers, though the original flavour is Indian! Launch yourself on the Cool Himachal Pradesh Holiday Package!

You may start with Shimla, the only hill station to combine the beauty of the high Himalaya, the energy of the city, the sleepy charms of a hill station, and a treat of heritage architecture and urban fun. It’s unique personality and place in history owes much to the ancient designed edifices, magnificent views surrounding the hills, framed in dripping cedars and cypresses, and hot parathas and tea on cold pleasant mornings!  Unparalleled to the hectic life of a busy city, spells an aura of romance for the honeymooners, families and a visual splendour for children!

The `Mall’ forms the core of the notified `Heritage Zone’ of Shimla where the horse rides and ice-cream vendors draw couples who also enjoy hot bhuttas and bars while they perch themselves on the cosy benches, getting closer to each other! You could visit The Ridge towards the Scandal Point acclaimed as a romantic rendezvous, the Christ Church, the State Library, the famously crowned  Jhakhoo Hanuman Temple, Elysium Hill, Auckland House, the Kali Bari Temple and several other heritage buildings on the Mall in a myriad of colours and concrete red, green  and grey sandstone. The State Museum which displays the state’s cultural and archaeological heritage consisting of wooden carvings, jewellery, manuscripts, arms and armoury, including a gallery on miniature paintings, and the Viceregal Lodge are placed closeby. You may visit Anandale, known as a helipad but is a large glade with a golf course, surrounded by thick deodar woods and a charming temple by the edge, and the adjacent Glen is a thickly wooded ravine. There is the Tara Devi Temple and the Kamna Devi Temple to shower you with blessings!. You could take a frolic ride on the Kalka-Shimla Toy Train which is a victory of languor over haste, style over speed, fun over convenience, and a testament to the fact that the journey is as important as the destination! Complete the episode of this wonderland on the `ool Himachal Pradesh Holiday Package!

Narkanda offers a spectacular biew of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya, stretching from the Srikhand Range in the east to the Kinner Kailash Range of Kinnaur in the North West.

Mostly tourists stop here in the summers to visit the land of the big apple in Thanedar. In winters, skiing brings great thrills to the visitors, and it is a good place to explore lakes and temples and have a go at trekking!  It is best known for Hatu Peak, which is an easy hike, through a mixed forest covering the whole range of high-altitude conifers, such as blue pine, deodar, fir and spruce interspersed with the broad-leaved moru. Half-way up is a Gujjar kothi as they camp in this shelter with their herds of buffaloes in the summer months, with a little pond reflecting the tall trees, the peaks beyond and the blue sky above. The Hatu Mata Temple is located at the top of a long ridge. There is a camping ground and a tea stall that dishes out steaming chai in summers. Sit back and enjoy the green clearing, the view that only a peak can give you, and the swirling mists. The picturesque villages of Kumarsain, Kotgarha and Nirmand can be seen amidst dense forests, terraced fields and apple orchards. The opportunity of skiing unfolds on the snowy slopes of Dhumri during the winter months.

Thanedar is famous as the place where apple cultivation began in Himachal, and the orchards are covered with pink-white apple blossoms in the spring. In the winters, the snow helps the trees bring forth next year’s fruit. From its heights, the place offers stunning views of the snow-capped mountains.  Barobagh is the highest point in the place, flanked by Shilajan Peak, it offers excellent Himalayan views. Atop the hill is Harmony Hall, the stately house of Samuel Stokes, a three-storeyed structure made of stone, wood and slate. The Paramjyoti Temple, is without and idol and dedicated to `Dev’, beyond all names, words and forms. The simple square structure is made of grey stone and Burma teak, with a roof that makes a lovely silhouette at dusk. Enjoy this stellar sunset on the `Cool Himachal Pradesh’ Holiday Package!

Hatkoti is a tiny bowl-like enclosure in the hills of the Dhauladhars, owes its existence to the Hatkeshwari Temple, a religious must for Himachalis of adjoining villages and districts, where the Goddess Durga is worshipped.  The complex of shrines with their bright red flags is set and amid paddy fields and apple trees, in the embrace of Pabbar’s freshly melted snow.  The worldy and ethereal come together in the temple complex, beautiful stone shines and centuries-old sculpture coexist with new marble paving, white tiles, and a neighbouring house that offers bridal make-up in `modern-style’ for those who come to get married here. Apart from this shrine, it also has a Shiva Temple, and five small Pandav shrines not is use anymore. These and several other smaller ruins are scattered around this area, all conformed to the shikhara style of temple architecture with a conical look. About a short distance away, the small semi-ruined Seri Temple adjacent to the Bishkulti stream, the ruins of another ancient shikhara-style temple, a must-visit for the carvings of a gorgeous Durga at its entrance.

Arki, is the capital of the former princely state of Baghai, `the land of leopards’, and its hilly fort-palace joined the ranks of Indian heritage hotels. Arki became a tourist spot. High on a spur overlooking the town, Arki Fort offers grandstand views, as the leopard population still roams these hills. The Arki Palace was relocated in this Fort.

Shoghi is an unassuming stretch whose highlights are the warm people and the natural beauty they are surrounded by, and an ideal place to chill. The Tara Devi temple gives rewarding views of the hills and the other gems are the Hanuman Temple with beautiful paintings of mythological scenes and the Kali Temple atop a grassy knoll, a great spot for a picnic!

The next destination would be `Chamba’ which lives in the historical importance of the artistic traditions of its people and in the architectural marvels of the wood and stone carved temples. You could visit the Lakshmi Narayan Temple Complex, the Akhand Chandi Palace, and then around Chamba, drive down to Bharmour for the wealth and heritage that it holds, including Manimahesh Kailash from where you could view this famous mountain, the exquisite Chaurasi Temple Complex, Manimahesh Temple and the Namardeshwar Temple that bears a rare yoni minus the lingam.

Head for your final destination to Palampur whose magic lies in the mountains, tea plantations, hill-paddy fields, pockets of thick wooded slopes home to the monal, leopard and fox, Gaddi villages and old temples and settlements. The valleys of Palampur  run through with tiny streams that drain this mountain range, feed the  Beas, as easy trails lead down to these trout-filled streams and bird-filled hills. The Church of St.John-in-the-Wilderness, the Halta Tea Estate and the Tashijong Monastery and Kayakal should not be missed. Around Palampur, you could visit Baijnath, Andretta and Bir which is known for its tea gardens, Tibetan monasteries, hang-gliding, and the Palyuln Cheotherling Monastery and Billing which is an enjoyable spot  for a picnic  on its meadows, on this shimmering `Cool Himachal Pradesh’ Holiday Package’!

Your final destination could be Pragpur, where the entire village has been deemed a Heritage site by the state government. The defining attractions are the mansions and sarais in various stages of romantic ruins. It is here that Kangra’s sloping roofs of blue-black slate sit atop local mud and lime walls in alliance with Rajasthani haveli-like fretwork windows and the British whimsy. In the core heritage area, the Kuthiala complex buildings are the oldest, Chaujjad Haveli has a lovely façade with decorative arches, the Butail Niwas exemplifies the grandeur of community architecture, and the Banta Dwar has a red façade with painted flowers and wrought iron railings. Rehrumal’s Garden and Haveli, of the same vintage are delightful, these Mughal sytle-gardens have arched gateways and the haveli has ornate wooden doors and stucco work. There is also the tracery of cobbled-stone alleys that run through the village, giving it a special charm!


Shopping along these areas would entail purchase of walking sticks, woollen shawls, kinnauri mufflers and scarves, chamba rumaals (embroidered handkerchiefs), Buddhist thangkas, kangra miniatures, Chinese shoes, rare books, maps and etchings, crafted walking sticks, handmade carpets, wall hangings, Tibetan dresses, bags, ponchos, jackets, masks, votive objects, lamps, jewellery and trinkets, statuettes There are stores selling bottled produce like fruit preserves, tahini, muesli, Tibetan cheese, kangra tea. Along your walks you would small vendors or even shops selling carved wooden artefacts, tea coasters, dry fruit trays, wall hanging telephone stands, stone and metal work, and Andretta blue pottery.


There are ethnic cafes and restaurants offering European style food, Continental food, Gujarati food, Indian and Chinese dishes, barbecue, apple orchard rice meals, dal, rotis, desserts like shepherd’s pie and caramel custard, bun-samosa, mutton curry and tandoori grub. The areas and walkways are lined up with stalls or stores of German bakeries, Tibetan momos, Delhi chaat bhandars, Southie idli-dosa, Continental steaks or fish and chips, banana pancakes, pizzas, Tibetan gyathuk, la-ping noodles and steamed tingmo bread, thin crust pizzas and cakes, Italian food like ravioli, lasagna, and coffee with apple pies, just to get that sweet taste on this vacation!


The summer months are pleasant and cool in the hills, but the winters are very cold and snowy, although there is enough rainfall throughout the year. Recommended for a visit any time, as there is a plethora of stunning indoor and outdoor panoramas to satiate your appetite, in this superb adventure on the `Cool Himachal Pradesh’ Holiday Package!