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The hill fort, Kesroli, is a 14th century structure and the oldest heritage site in India. built over the top of the dark hornstone Breccia rocks, one gets a spectacular view of the fields nearby from here. The fort is said to have been built by the, descendents of Lord Krishna, the Yaduvanshi Rajputs, who later converted to Islam in the mid-14th century AD subsequently were called as the Khanzadas.

12 kms from Alwar
48 kms From Sariska

The Fort Hill Kesroli feature 21 rooms categorized as Double Room, Suite, Small Suite and deluxe Suite. The rooms are named as Hindola Mahal (The Palace of the Swing), Sitara Mahal (The Palace of the Star), Nirmal Mahal (The Palace of Purity), Mangal Mahal (The Auspicious Palace), Shankar Mahal (Shiva's Palace), Bhawani Mahal (The Palace of the Goddess), Mubarak Mahal (Palace for Felicitation), Raunak Mahal (Palace for Festivities), Papiha Mahal (The Cuckoo's Palace), Tota Mahal (The Parrot's Palace), Hariyal Mahal (The Green Pigeon's Palace), Mayur Mahal (The Peacock's Palace), Sarus Mahal (The Crane's Palace), Teetar Mahal (The Partridge Palace), Deepika Mahal (The Palace of Lamps), Pitambar Mahal (Vishnu's Palace), Bajrang Mahal (Hanuman's Palace), Neelkanth Mahal (The Kingfisher's Palace), Swagat Mahal (Welcome Palace), Baaj Mahal (The Falcon's Palace) and Shri Mahal (Goddess Laxmi's Palace).

Dining facilities are available at the hotel. Fixed menu is provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner on per head rates of Rs. 150 for breakfast, Rs. 300 for lunch and Rs. 350 for dinner. The breakfast is available from 830 hrs to 930 hrs, lunch from 1230 hrs to 1430 hrs and dinners from 2000 hrs to 2200 hrs. bed tea and evening tea are inclusive in the room rent.

Conference and Banquet facilities
Conference halls are available for conferences and presentations. The conferencing aids can also be availed on prior notice. The entire fort can be chartered for lavish events like wedding receptions.

Recreation and Health Facilities
For recreation activities of the guests, Hotel offers board games such as chess and carom, playing cards and treasure hunt. The well-stocked library is for he book lovers. Sightseeing tour can be arranged to nearby places.


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