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Hitch your wagon to a Europe and treat yourself to a visual feast, as you plan your Europe Holiday Package to experience a rich cross-culture of its enigmatic countries.  The land of the magnificent breathtaking Alps, snow-studded Pyrennes and Carpathians, dense forests of pine, gently undulating and rough slopes to thrill skiers, high hills thickly studded with oak trees, mixed rainforests and the taiga region of the Scandinavian countries, fast-flowing rivers, gleaming streams, glittering beaches, the enticing warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the glitz, the glamour, the ritzy cities and quaint villages. The Renaissance was a period of cultural change originating in Florence and later spreading to the rest of Europe, leading further on to `Enlightenment’ or the `Age of Reason’. The rise of a new humanism was accompanied by the recovery of forgotten classical Greek and Arabic knowledge from monastic libraries.

Tourist Attractions:

This mysterious trip may unfold itself as it takes you to the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, lands of the “midnight sun” where the sun never sets for days together, “polar nights” when twilight fills the days for a couple of months at a stretch, or the peculiar “northern lights” – Aurora Borealis – that tantalisingly illuminate dark skies.  Ethereal Scandinavia has varied natural beauty, from Norway’s famous fjords to Sweden’s dense forested and lake regions to Denmark’s numerous bays to icy cold Finland to chilled waters and a warm thermal beach and volcanic dramatics in Iceland.

The topmost highlights on the European panorama would include Barcelona in Spain, the Mediterranean jewel that sparkles with a scenic waterfront, gourmet delights and a buzzing life, all of which are a testimony to its historical significance. Edinburgh, the bonniest town in Scotland, ideal for a walk around its mesmerising venues and Outer Hebrides, has its wild and remote islands with picturesque, deserted beaches, abundant bird life, cycling and sea–kayaking. Rome and Italy are concentrates of history, with their Forums, monuments, style and energy, and considered as adrenalin fiend’s wonderland with the renaissance buildings and art of Florence. As the fashionista capital of France, the city of Paris defines its elite strata lined up with Napoleanic grandeur, stylish designerware, architecture, shrines, museums, operas,novice art decos, paintings and collectives, and the proud Eifel Tower, the wonder spectacle! For an exciting beach life, struggle for some sand on Cote d’Azur in France, Costa Brava in Spain or Algarve in Portugal, or far more tantalising would be the quest to discover a pristine beach in Albania, Bulgaria, or in the gem-like islands of Greeceland Croatia. In Greece the tourists may embark on an odyssey across sun-drenched isles of an ancient civilisation.Croatia in Eastern Europe has a seaside playground ringed in by a karst coastline, unspoilt islands and Roman ruins.

Prague in the Czech Republic is a Bohemian fairytale, where a thousand spires and a Gothic cathedral are crowned by the excellent pivo (beer) and thumping music. Istanbul in Turkey, is encompassed with bustling bazaars, mosques and Orthodox churches and a recipe for  Turkish delights, adored by both adults and children as well as the Moorish Palace of Andalucia, a remain of the Seven Wonders of the World. At Lapland in Finland, tourists may thrill themselves chasing the Northern Lights on a dogsled across the Sami’s and Santa’s neighbourhood.Transylvania in Romania, may let you fantacise Dracula and his origin, which is only half the story in this gorgeous region of cobbled medieval towns, rolling farmland and ski slopes. Estonia, another place with a vibrant beachside, bustling clubs, rejuvenating saunas, a perfect Baltic bliss! Amsterdam in The Netherlands is engulfed with an achingly beautiful hedonistic playground, complete with world-class museums and galleries.  A visit to St. Petersburg in Russia, takes them to all the ornate tsarist palaces, elite museums, including the Hermitage in Russia’s most elegant city. Stimulation for the mind and heart on the Europe Holiday Package!

The entire journey would be incomplete without a trip to the United Kingdom – Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the gently flowing Thames and Madame Tussauds waxworks in England, besides the overflowing stupendous countryside, its sports arenas – Wimbledon, Ascot and Lords, Scotland – the enchanting land of lochs, mountain torrents, shiny beaches and heather-lined moors, Ireland- fed by several rivers, with its open woods, temperate forests and green pastures, -the beautiful castles of wet and windy Wales, its spiked cliffs, rough seas and sandy beaches,- the rugged coastline of Cornwall, its golden beaches offering mesmerising views of sunset and sunrise, river estuaries and beautiful gardens.

Few places pack the punch of Europe from its northern lights to its southern shores, this drama queen keeps on thrilling, surprising and confusing with her extraordinary wealth of sights, sounds and people’s and parties. Overwhelming and confusing, just perusing a map of the overcrowded Old World would reveal cities, mountain ranges, seas and even countries strange to them, with their varied tastes and sensations.


Europe boasts of renowned British designers, producing unique brands and setting worldwide trends, from bling brands to prestigious art galleries.  It is a luxury shopper’s dream destination where top-branded universal department stores are lined up for the elitist as well as the modest and moderate stores serving the mid-end strata of society, with thrifty bargains.   When it comes to vintage fashion, the obsessed may go fishing for apparels, arts, crafts, cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, bags, accessories, belts, paintings, curios, miniatures and souvenirs.   From traditional board games to cutting-edge gadgets, the continent has toyshops that have everything a family could want, for themselves and their children! Preserved edibles such as cheese, marmalades, jams, honey, syrups and chocolates may be carried in addition!  Did somebody the rattling of shillings or the screeching of Euros being squeezed out of a purse or wallet on the Europe Holiday Package!


From cheap restaurants to luxury dining, afternoon tea to Sunday roast, enjoy fresh, local produce and some tasty, traditional European food at one of the fine restaurants in any city. Travellers may complete a heritage day out with a meal at one of top museum restaurants hosting fresh, healthy and delicious gourmet to the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the cities.  There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops and bars serving French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese cuisine.  There are some high-profile outlets that offer a unique experience – al fresco dining – where tourists can dine on a chic roof terrace, and meander through a created landscape or a Spanish garden, walking past a stream or a pond with sculptures, flamingos and ducks. There are oceans of kitchens which offer seasonal dishes, home-made ice-cream, sandwiches and afternoon tea, along with several eateries and pavement dining courts where tourists can dream in a wonderland amidst olive and palm trees.  They may be able to relish the classic wines, and wine-blended dishes along with some exotic sweets as in liqueur and liquor chocolates and truffles, cakes and patisserie!