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Coorg With Karnataka Coastal Holiday Package

Veiled by white mist, serenaded by the songs of nature and adorned by the silvery streaks of gushing falls, the Coorg with Karnataka Coastal Holiday Package would be a heavenly retreat. Although reflecting similar traits in their contrast, each destination is unique in its own way.

Tourist Attractions:

Coorg specifically is known for its aromatic spices and captivating waters that make it as refreshing as the coffee it grows. Also known as Kodagu, in the south-western Karnataka, the hill station has its undulated topography carpeted in green, often covered with thin white fog. Bamboo, rosewood forests, sandalwood, streams, rivulets line up the entire area along with children of the river Cauvery wending their way through land. Waterfalls, deep ravines, paddy fields, grassy downs, coffee bushes with red berries, pepper, cardamom, oranges, nutmeg, turmeric, lemon grass together spell it as a land fecund beyond belief! The highlanders comprise of a martial race of men and women who compel a second glance with their chiselled profiles, stately bearing dress, and of course, the crisp air-conditioned weather! A definition beyond countless definitions …….. Sounds stunning, doesn’t it?

Madkeri or Mekara is the main town of Coorg famous for viewing sunrises and sunsets and encloses the Abbi Falls and the remarkable Omkareshwara Temple in a mosque-like style! The town is a trekker`s paradise up and down the hills, through coffee and pepper plantations. Bhagamandala is another temple town at the confluence of the Cauvery with the Kannike and the invisible Sujyothi rivers. The Coorg Wildlife Society is based in Madikeri and promotes wildlife and environmental conservation and also organizes treks to Pushpagiri and Brahmagiri Sanctuary. The Dubare Reserve Forest is famous for the Elephant Training Camp where the tourists can watch the elephants in different states of eating, bathing, and being themselves and to go on wildlife safaris.  Kakkabe lies at the base of the Western Ghats in southern Coorg and the heavy rainforest cover means a rich bounty of rare orchids, plants and birds. Scenic treks take you to Mallamma Betta, Soma Male and Kabbe Pass form where you can espy clouds caressing Kerala’s hills. The prize catch is Thadiyendamol, the highest peak in Coorg! The Nilakandi Waterfalls, the Igguthappa Temple, and the Nalnad Palace, are places of interest and historical significance in this area. The Siddapur’s lush forests have been transformed into sprawling coffee estates, as earlier this place was considered `the place of the divine’, which perhaps has lent its hand to bless Siddapur with optimal rainfall and a gently undulating terrain, inculcating the correct balance! You could take a stroll through Ammathi twisting and turning past coffee estates, Pollibetta which is home to a beautiful 9-hole golf course, the thickly forested Titimati, and to the trading town of Gonikoppal!

The Kukke Subrahmaya is primarily a place of pilgrimage with a terrific green curtain, and lies in the shadow of the Western Ghats and the hilly surroundings, again a trekker’s giftland. For believers, it is the best place to pray.  The Subrahmanya Temple has shops and temple choultries lining the road towards its shrine, and the main entrance called Kashikatte, is lined by shrines of Hanuman and Ganapathi. The silver idols including that of Sri Subrahmanya gleam with the darkness of the sanctum sanctorum. The entire quadrangle complex has immaculate temples and shrines, as well as the Adi Subrahmanya temple, a short distance away, and tourists could spend their time slowly allowing themselves to sink into such artistic architecture! You may move towards the majestic hill of Kumara Parvatha to explore the rocky terrain and thick forest.  It would be exciting to drive up the winding roads of Bisle Ghat as you expose yourself to a visual treat along the entire route and marvel at nature, unfolding its mystery at every turn and congratulating yourselves at every step! Dharmasthala is another place of pilgrimage with the distinctive features of the presiding deity being Lord Manjunatha, an incarnation of the Lord Shiva, being guarded by a family of Jains eversince its inception! Cuddle around in the scintillating pleasure of the Coorg with Karnataka Coastal Holiday Package!

Among the most important Jain pilgrimage places in South India, the Sravanabelagola is known for the gigantic monolithic statue of the Gomatesvara which is visible even from a distance. This place is spread on the Vindhyagiri Hill, which is large and has the statue at its summit with a temple around it and several smaller temples below, and the Chandragiri Hill, which has older and richer monuments. You could make the effort of visiting Halebid-Belur, a deserted but charming place, where the town is surrounded by fields and walk around the temples, admire the carvings and and breathe deeply. This place has been in an almost pristine condition and making a trip here would lead to immense pleasure. The Hosaleswara Temples and the Shantaleswara Temple are based here with intricate wall carvings and a magnificent finesse! Around the area there is Belur which has the stupendous Chenna Kesava Temple with carvings which depict the Hoysala emblem, Lord Brahma with a flowing beard, and a goddess holding a mirror to her perfect face, while at her feet her assistants attach her anklets!

Home to endless coffee plantations, Chikmagalur was the place where the aromatic beverage was introduced and has remained an important hub for those immersed in the trade of coffee production, encouraging a trip to the Coffee Museum. For tourists, it is a perfect springboard for visits and treks to nearby peaks and waterfalls.  Kemmannagundi, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Kudremukh are the major attractions here!  The Baba Budanagiri Hills are home to the cave shrine of Dattatreya Peeth, the admirable Manyakyadhara Waterfalls are bewitching and the hills turn into a purple-hued mass under the weight of the blossoming wild kurinji flowers.

The Shivgiri Estate is a drive up a winding mud road with a spine-tingling view of the valleys and the forested hills, enclosing the Hoggarekangiri Hill ranges in its secluded charm, as the call of the tiger   resonates deep into the green folds of this valley and mingles with the coffee!

On your way back, you may take a stopover at Bengaluru, or Bangalore as it was called earlier, a city which has metamorphosed from an occupied area of parks and bookshops to a glittering IT capital and mecca of the upwardly mobile, boasting of its expansion with the mushrooming of supermarkets and malls all over. The important landmarks to be visited here are the Vidhan Sabha and High Court buildings which epitomize the enigma of the city, the Cubbon Park, another green breath coverage with oak, cassia, and gulmohar standing over grassy patches and walkways, Lal Bagh, a major lung of the city and a horticultural delight for its wealth of flora encompassed with fountains, nurseries and lotus ponds glistens at noon and dusk. There is the Bull Temple in Basavangudi inspiring awe with its monolithic bull hulking over devotees, the ISKCON Hare Krishna Temple and the sprawling Bangalore Palace Grounds, which are a hive of activity throughout the year with exhibitions, festivals, concerts and handicraft fairs. Some great venues to be explored are the National Gallery of Modern Art, a gallery with regular exhibits and shows and Karnataka Chitrakala  Parishath, with its own galleries and grounds, Visveraya Museum, informative and whimsical,  and Wonder La Amusement Park touted as India’s biggest water park with water slides, wave pools, restaurants and a laser show and fireworks in the evening! Revel in this entertainment on the Coorg with Karnataka Coastal Holiday Package!


Shops in Karnataka are full of clothes, shoes, electronics, books, souvenirs, handicrafts in wood, metal, bronze, copper, brass, silver and gold-polished items, and shawls.  You could pick up designer clothes, bags and jewellery from the high end malls. The swish set towering complex of UB City has all international brands from Louis Vuitton to Jimmy Choo and a piazza-style food court to spend an afternoon swooning about the ambience.  Exquisite fabric in silk, georgette, crepe and chiffon is available, besides some outstanding bed linen, cushion covers, table covers, coasters and bolster covers. Packets of coffee, as well as richly fragrant spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, star anise and cloves make famous specialities!


Around this area, they have a way with pork (pandi curry), fowl (koli curry), prawn curry and mango and rice. Their akki rotis and kadumputtus are a treat. Besides this, you would find biryani stalls, mutton rolls and a variety of Indian, both North and South and International cuisine!  Also, a vegetarian Kannada meal thali and bajjis are available in pilgrim spots and around town! The cities and towns would be abuzz with international chains serving Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese and Continental food, in addition to fast food centres selling pizzas, pastas, steaks, sandwiches, croissants, burgers, Danish and cakes, pastries, sundaes and delectable desserts!


Recommended for a visit all year round as there is enough recreation for indoor and outdoor areas. The winters are pleasantly cool and summers may get a little humid or warm.  Showers are unpredictable and may drizzle or pour throughout the year!

Come back with a rejuvenated persona and sunny memories from this Coorg with Karnataka Coastal Holiday Package!