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Welcome to the 'Treasure of east', the world most inhabited country, China. China is a fascinating place where old and new are mixed into something uniquely mainland Chinese. It is a huge country, which envelopes an area larger than Europe, and with many regional ethnic groups, languages, dialects and cultures.Take a walk on the Great Wall of China, when in Beijing, the capital of China. Constructed in the 5th century BC, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions in China. It is truly one of the man-made wonders of the world!

Beijing is wonderful in it's own way. It is the capital city and the center of the country's culture and politics. Its has the right mix of sight seeing ; the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Jin Mao Tower, the Birds Nest Stadium, Tiananmen Square, etc. There is an endless amount of things to see and experience in this city.

Shanghai, another popular tourist city, has been described as the "showpiece" of the booming economy of mainland China. Enjoy the visit to three main tall buildings in Shanghai - the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao Building and the newest, the Shanghai World Financial Centre. Visitors can enjoy the nightlife, celebrate their vacation on The Bund, which is one of the most popular destinations in Shanghai and not to forget the scintillating night view of the Bund.

Explore the real China with its magnificent wilderness and stunning mountain peaks.Be charmed by its lovingly preserved towns with Oriental-looking buildings.The country offers everything for everyone - romantic escapades, beautiful scenes of nature, rich culture, eye-opening history, and adventures.


  • Hike to Shunde, and Nankunshan Forest Park
  • Landmarks: Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Dr Sun Yat-Sen’s Memorial Hall, Museums, Art galleries
  • Yuexiu Park straddling several hills with many lakes – popular with children and older people
  • Chimelong Paradise – a much-frequented amusement park
  • Guangzhou Ocean World within Guangzhou Zoo
  • Cruises down the Pearl River, especially at night when the city is brightly illuminated

Shenzhen – is on the list of UNESCO’s Creative Cities:

  • “Window of the World” – 480,000 sq m amusement park showcases miniatures of many world-famous monuments including the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Egyptian Pyramids! The park is beautifully illuminated at night with hundreds of dancers performing.
  • Happy Valley Theme Park has thrilling rides; and OCT East has exciting rides and replicas of European towns

Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens stretch across miles of valleys and rivers lying resplendent amidst teahouses and pavilions

Macau – declared a World Heritage Site in 2005

  • 25 historic locations
  • Clean streets, fresh air and gardens including the pretty Flora Garden and Lou Lim Iok Garden
  • Guia Hill, which has a Fort and a Lighthouse
  • Ruins of St. Paul’s and Monte Fort
  • Landmarks – Grand Prix Museum, Arts Museum, Taipa Houses Museum, Maritime Museum – in a boat-shaped building – and even a Wine Museum!

There’s no dearth of good food in restaurants and roadside stalls, besides cafes, bakeries, pubs, and bars. The nightlife is vibrant in many cities. The cuisine is geared towards the international visitor. Though China is tea country, there are many coffee houses. Innumerable shops and shopping malls sell upscale brands and a wide variety of local goods. Sought after are the Chinese silk, kimonos, and handicrafts.

The climate varies from place to place. When you book your China Holiday Package with us, you can check the climate prior to your visit.