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Bintan Island Honeymoon Package

East of Batam in the South China Sea, lies Bintan,  the largest island of Indonesia in the Riau archipelago.  A worthy advise for the newly weds to embark on the Bintan Honeymoon Package, to reach an island with a spectacular sea-view along the  beaches; a ferry ride away from Singapore taking less than an hour.  Bintan Besar is its’ highest elevated hill, wherein the climb is well worth the effort for the wide-encompassing view it gives of the island and is unique as it is the remnant of a volcano!  There are rainforests, white powdery beaches, silver leaf monkeys, sunbirds, kites, eagles, dolphins and fish, and sea turtles to capture your fantasy!

Tourist Attractions:

Honeymooners heading towards this escapade would  make a speedy rush for the beautiful Trikora beach, with a stretch of  palm-trees and some exciting resorts,  such as,the Bintan Agro Beach Resorts,    Ocean Bay Resort and Kolam Kelong Trikora,  offering adventure water-sports for that adrenaline rush, namely swimming and diving and fishing facilities. The Banyan Tree Bintan resort is located at the northeast end of Bintan and may even be accessed by a ferry ride from Singapore.The villas built on the periphery of the forest land have retained the old charm of the island which has a tempting private spa of Asian adaptations of oil and cream, in one of the villas perched on a hill.  Most of the villas are settled on rocks overlooking the sea and many are located amidst thick forests to exude enough warmth in the newly wedded couples!

Buddhist temples are line up outside central Tanjung Pinang, in a small town named Senggarang, enclosing  a Palace,  the grave of the Raja Ali Haji and also tombs of other royal personalities. The regal ancient ruler was the creator and author of the first Malay Language grammar book, contributing to the wealthy legacy of the Riau Sultanate. The Tanjung Pinang  includes a memorable and outstanding   monument  erected for the national hero, Raja Haji Fisabilillah, a famous Malayan King, endorsed as   World Heritage site.  The Banyan Tree Temple is an architectural novice and is located at Senggarang, with multiple  pagoda-shaped temples, exuberant paintings and artistic wood carvings, placed within a courtyard facing the sea, used by devotees for offering their prayers!  Blessings galore on the Bintan Honeymoon Package!

A  flow of enthusiasm may spill when the couple visit the yellow-coloured Masjid Raya Sultan Riay in Penyengat  with several domes and minarets, perhaps an answer to a wish! A  vaunted site of interest is also the "Old Stilt" village, in the mud flat low tide region near the jetties, known as Tanjung Pinang's Kampung ayer or Kampung Bugis,. Watersports, like kayaking, snorkeling, diving, scuba-diving, fishing, swimming, wind surfing, canoeing, go-karting, wake boarding and banana boat rides would bring a sudden verve of indulgence in the honeymooners,  locking history with adventure.  The  elephant park and tours to the farm-life areas, across the paddy fields, and island hopping would be a different experience to sparkle the eyes. The Mangrove Discovery tour is mystical, especially at night, when the place is aglow with fireflies.From shiny, white sands to shimmering waters and colorful coral reefs, Bintan promises to be picturesque throughout. The Bintan Lagoon Resort has enticing archery grounds and cycling tracks,  The Laguna Bintan is known for its Angsana Resort and Spa and the Bintan Agro Beach Resort is another pleasant resort.


The Bintan Honeymoon Package will not disappoint shoppers as there are handicraft shops, artistes’ villages and malls,  Bintan Mall and Ramayana Mall,  selling products that are cheap and affordable.  The Bintan Ferry terminal has batik sarongs, paintings, silk, leather products, silver and handcrafted jewellery for the last-minute shoppers.  Next to the Ferry is the Real Bandung Factory Outlet, the largest in Indonesia, which sells international labels like Abercrombie and Finch, Nike and Boss, and quality clothes at heavily discounted prices, payable in  U.S. and Singapore dollars.  Pasar Oleh-Oleh, cheaper than the resort outlets, does not only sell foodstuff, but also clothes and various types of souvenirs.  The street peddlers and shop-houses in Tanjung Pinang sell a range of local goods, including handicrafts, clothing, curios, colourful Javanese batik, jewellery, precious stones, antiques, ceramics, electronics, ceramics, Indonesian clove cigarettes and foodstuff such as traditional cakes, local snacks and dried fish.  Tanjung Uban with shops resting on stilts, excels in dry and wet foodstuff, besides local fruits and vegetables at low rates but payment has to be made in ‘rupiah’, the  local currency. The Pujasera Market has small shops of arts and crafts at prices lower than anywhere else on the island.


Seafood is fresh and Sebung village is famous for a wide variety of seafood; Café Helo Helo and the Lotus Café at Angsana Resort are among the best. Pasar Oleh-Oleh has a cluster of huts serving Indonesian fare and  Tanjung Pinang has numerous restaurants, but ‘vegetarian’ here has a different meaning and strict vegetarians have to specify that they do not wish to eat meat.  Bottled water and fresh coconut water is preferred is available for that relief to the stomach. There’s grilled food on offer at the Pantai Grill and Nelayan Grill, being  popular haunts for the foodies. The  Laguna Bintan offers international cuisine in its many restaurants,Japanese, Korean, Indian, Asian, Mediterranean and Western, Southern Spanish, Italian and authentic Indonesian!


Being close to the equator, Bintan has a tropical climate throughout with both monsoons – November-March bringing the north-east monsoon, and June-October bringing a fairly dry south-west monsoon.  Late November-early March is windy with rainfall, while March-early November is sunny. Worthy of a visit at any time of the year!

Return with memories of a romantic interlude on the Bintan Honeymoon Package!