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Australia Honeymoon Packages

Australia Honeymoon (7 Days)

JY309 Rs. 116,900

Honeymooners who may want to go 'Down Under' Australia, or the land 'Down Under', is a huge continent, with plenty to offer from its sky-hugging skyscrapers, imposing monuments, beautiful parks, long rivers and great desert regions, besides being famous for its sheep farms.

It’s Great Barrier Reef, the Australian Alps, Fraser Island's sand dunes, lakes, national parks and numerous deserts are all dream destinations. Some of the fauna are found only in Australia including koalas and the amazing kangaroos - there is also a Kangaroo Island!  The incredible kookaburras and lyrebirds also abound here.

With it’s nearly 50,000 kilometers of coastline and over 10,000 beaches, Australia is an attractive destination for those honeymooners who love water and water sports. The continent offers a fast-paced lifestyle, wildlife, laidback towns, nightlife, theatre, shopping, events and adventure in the outback.  The famous harbor of Sydney that is beautifully illuminated at night, Canberra's nationally popular places, the white sandy beaches at Perth, Adelaide's vast parklands and Melbourne that is called the cultural capital of Australia, all contribute to an enigma, called Australia.

There are untouched beaches that stretch for miles, rainforests through which one can take a train-ride, or drive on its Great Ocean Road that curves along its scintillating south east coast.Australia has its share of sleepy towns and lush countryside, with an excellent transport system connecting all places.Honeymooning couples have a wide variety of exciting and beautiful Honeymoon destinations in Australia.